10 Best Height Increasing Insoles to Look Taller in 2020

Pain of being the shortest in the peer group can be best understood by those who suffer from it. Boys usually experience growth sport in their early teens and continue to grow taller till they touch twenty. Increase in height depends on factors like calcium, protein and other nutrient rich diet, exercise, proper sleep as well as on the genetic factors. Sloppy posture can create gaps in vertebral column and make a person look shrunk and short. On the other hand straight posture makes a person look tall. Overall nutrient rich balanced diet, exercise, sleep and right posture plays a very important role in optimum growth of height in boys. Once the growth spurt ends, boys seldom grow more than one or two inches. So if you fail to take proper care in your teens and grow taller for some or the other reason, then you have actually missed the bus and you will have to bear the tag of being short for the rest of life. 

Your gateway to instant height

Many short people wish for a genie who could increase their height with a single wave of wand. Although there is no genie but you can definitely increase your height instantly. Insoles is an instant way of increasing your height and look taller. All the men who are uncomfortable wearing high heeled shoes, insoles are god sent help for them. Insoles are thickened soles which increases the height from inside without being visible to others. So next time you want to attend an office dinner or a party, let insole look you taller than before. 

It will be interesting to note that insoles can be made of rubber, metal, plastic and wood. It can elevate the height of the person for around two to five inches without bringing heels into the focus. There are certain brands who produces insoles to elevate the height as high as eight inches. 

How insoles are your lifesavers?

If you are looking for effective ways of increasing height instantly then insoles are definitely your lifesavers. Insoles can boost confidence of a person in both social and professional scenarios. Let us see how.

  1. Professional credibility! Though there is no minimum height bar in most of the professions but being short heighted may bypass you for some major professional opportunities. It is a stereotype to consider tall people as more strong, credible and capable, and when it comes to giving presentations in front of senior management, other person may be chosen over you just because of him being taller. Insoles can make you appear five to eight inches taller than you actually are and become your lifesaver when it comes to grabbing opportunities in your office. 
  2. Social acceptance! Women often describe their dream men as tall, dark and handsome. Being tall is an important part of the trio of adjective used for handsome and attractive men. In past if you have failed to get female attention because of your short height, then it is time to use insoles and increase your height up to eight inches. Increased height will not only enhance your looks, make you look more handsome but it will also boost your confidence by many folds.      

Tips to find the perfect insoles for your shoes

  • Comfort over style: Since you may have to wear insoles for longer hours, your first preference should be comfort. Make sure you wear the insoles in your shoes and take a walk around before buying it. Ensure comfort of the insoles before buying them.  
  • Versatility! Insole selected by you should be versatile. It should fit in different size of shoes as well as different varieties of shoes such as sneakers, boots, and trainers as well as party shoes.
  • Balance! Another point to be kept in mind is balance while walking or standing. After putting insoles if the shoes are off balance, it may lead to awkward standing or walking posture and may tire your feet. 
  • Layers in Insoles! Number of layers in the insoles will help you determine the height you can achieve using the insoles. Three layer insoles is ideal for use. First layer of the insole can increase the height up to 1.2 inches, second layer to 1.8 inches and third layer to 2.1 inches. 
  • Material of insoles! In comparison to metal, wood and plastic insoles, rubber insoles are better as they seldom cause foot ache. They are light weight, smooth, comfortable and unaffected by moisture and sweat. 
  • Shoe size! It is very important to take care that size of the insole and size of the shoe is same. Too large will not leave ample foot space in the shoes and too small will not be efficient and effective in use. 
  • Hygiene! Avoid insoles that make inside of your shoes fluffy and sweaty. Such places are breeding grounds for bacteria. Antibacterial, odour free and breathable insoles will be your best bet. 

Picking insoles over elevated shoes

  1. Better comfort! Insoles offer better comfort over elevated shoes. Qualities like smooth surface, better shock absorbency, ability to handle impact better and tolerate heavy weight make insoles better choice over elevated shoes.
  2. Easy maintenance! Maintaining insoles is quite easier as compared to elevated shoes. Firstly they do not get very dirty as they are placed inside the shoes, secondly it is easy to wash, dry and use insoles. 
  3. Versatility! Insoles offer better versatility than elevated shoes. Elevated shoes is a proper pair of shoes and you cannot do much about it. But you can use insoles in wide variety of shoes and remove it as per your requirement and convenience. 
  4. Cost! You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy an insole but an elevated shoe may cost you an arm and leg. Once you buy such an expensive shoes, you will have to stick to it no matter what. On the contrary you can have variety of insoles at much cheaper price.
  5. User friendly! Unlike elevated shoes you don’t need several wear cycles to become comfortable with insoles. All you have to do is slip them in your shoes and you are good to go. Apart from that you can use the same insole in large varieties of shoes such as party shoes, sneakers, boots etc. 
  6. Discretion! Best part about wearing insoles is that they are discreet as compared to elevated shoes. Looking at the elevated sole, viewer is able to tell that you are wearing an elevated shoes. Since insoles are present inside the shoe, viewers are seldom able to tell that you are wearing it. You can wear several layers of insoles at once. 

Top 10 insoles for increasing height in 2020

Mendez Premium Height Increasing Insole – Advanced Comfort and Ergonomics

Mandex Premium insole is one of the most premium categories of insole. Single layer of insole can increase the height of the person by 1.5 inches. These insole perfectly slips inside the sole and increases the height of the wearer discreetly. 

These are ergonomically designed insoles which do not affect balance, comfort and posture of the wearer. High density PU material have enhanced shock absorbency, sweat wicking and better ability to bear heavy weight. Dense foam of the insole offer great thickness and cosiness to the wearer. 

It is a versatile unisex insole which can be used by both men ad women in large varieties of shoes. It is suitable for shoe size 7- 12.

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Refial is one of the most environment friendly silicon insole. It can elevate you and increase you height by 1.5 inches. It is a five layer detachable and adjustable insole. 

You can conveniently wear Refial with U-shape heels. It is easy to maintain as you can easily wash it and reuse.   

Refial is made of silicon which is sturdy and durable. It relieve pain in your feet due to constant walking or long standing. It may feel a little stiff to some people, yet it is quite comfortable to wear

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Oracorp Foot Health Height Increasing Therapeutic half Insoles

Oracorp Insoles have podiatrist approved design ideal for people suffering from fallen arches, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Massaging nodules present at the top layer offer therapeutic comfort to the wearer. Otherwise also they are designed to give all day comfort. 

Oracorp insoles increases the height of the person by 2 inches. They are versatile as well as adjustable. They can be easily worn with different sizes and varieties of shoes

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Intlmate Height Increase Insole, Leather in Two sides Shoes Heel Insert

Intlmate height increase insole are versatile and apt for use at number of occasions such as wedding, parties, office dinners and even for a day outing. They will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. 

These insoles increases the height of the person by 1.6 inches and is an ideal choice for people who have bigger foot than usual. 

If you are looking for an affordable insole which will keep you elevated, comfortable and dry all day long, then Intlmate height increase insoles will be your best bet

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Calto Half Elevator Insole for Men- ½ inch Height increase, Taller Heel Feet

Calto half elevator insole increases you height by half inches. It is made of premium material which gives a perfect fit and stays firm. Ergonomic design of the insole is comfortable and do not undermine the posture of the wearer. It can easily bear weight, pressure and is quite supportive to legs.  

Calto half elevator insole are versatile and can be easily used with boots, sportswear, casual shoes and formal shoes.

High quality material of the insole is highly durable and easy to maintain. It ensures high breathability for proper circulation of air and keep heat and sweat away

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If you are looking for a light weight insole to elevate your height then HeelBorne is the insole for you. Air bubble structure of HeelBorne is so light in weight that you will feel as if you are walking on clouds. It is one of the most ergonomically designed durable and comfortable insoles available. 

HeelBorne fits in to the shoes snugly and keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. It can increase the height of the wearer up to 2 inches. 

Only problem with HeelBorne insole is that it is not versatile and does not go with all types of shoes

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Footinsole 1 inch Height Increase Shoe Insole

Footinsole height increase shoe insole is one of the most ergonomically designed and affordable shoe insole available in the market. It can help you in increasing your height by an inch instantly.

It is a versatile shoe insole which can be used with wide varieties of shoes and shoe sizes. It has comfort fit to ensure that shoes does not feel too tight to you. 

Premium material of the insoles ensures zero bacterial growth. It facilitates optimum circulation of air to keep your feet sweat and odour free all day long

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4 Layer Orthotic Heel Shoe Lift Kit with Air Cushion Elevator Shoe Insole Lifts

Main attraction of these height increasing insole is the 4 adjustable layers offering height increase range from 1.2 inches to 3.5 inches. You can adjust the height according to your need and comfort. It is one of the best alternative for high heel shoes or elevator shoes for men and women who want increased height without compromising the comfort

Premium quality material of the shoes ensure optimum air circulation, high breathability and keep your feel dry and cool all day long. 

Though some customers have pointed out the quality issues with this height increasing insole

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SOL3 Men’s Premium Height Increase Insole Shoe Lift Inserts (7.5-11.5)

SOL3 Men’s Premium insole are one of the best insoles to increase height immediately. They can give you an instant boost of 1.2 to 2.36 inches. They are versatile foot insoles that work perfectly well for US size 7.5 to 11.5 and perfectly blends with wide variety of shoes. 

PU+ cushioning of the insoles touches the epitome of comfort. They are light weight and have smooth texture to offer maximum comfort to the wearer. It has 3 tier system which can easily bear heavy weight and high pressure. It has high shock absorbency. Optimum breathability prevents sweating and keep feet dry and cool all day long.  

Antimicrobial nature of the material prevents build-up of bacteria, germs and odour. 

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Jota is another example of light and comfortable height increasing insole. It can elevate your height by around ¾ inch. 

It is usually sold in pair. Best part about the insole is that one size fits all the shoe sizes. It is one of the most versatile shoe insoles and thus makes a place in the list of top 10 shoe insoles. 

Material of Jota height increasing shoe insole is durable and easy to maintain. Though it is bit hard but offers comfort to the wearer. 

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We have brought you the list of some of the best height increasing insoles available in the market. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a shoe insole and look taller. There are many affordable shoe insole in our list which offers comfort fit and versatility without undermining your posture. These insoles keep your feet dry and cool all day long. If you are suffering some feet or leg related ailments then it is best to look for insole designs approved by podiatrist. Such insoles will relax your feet and support them while walking or standing.   


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