Fashion tips for women on how to look taller

Women tend to stay more conscious of their overall looks as compared to men and well we know that height is a big contributing factor in overall appearance of any individual. Whether you are a guy or a girl, a good height surely does wonders to your personality. But the fact is that a lot of celebrities including hollywood actreses aren’t that tall but they still look good on the screen. Hilary Duff is just 5’1”, Mila Kunis is just 5’3”, Salma Hayek is just 5’2”. On the screen no one can even guess their actual height as they all are dressed  cleverly. Well you can’t achieve your heigh gain goals in a single day so while you are on your journey to get taller, you must get dressed so you would appear taller than you really are. Here are some dressing tips for women that will help them appear taller than their actual height.

girl wearing short skirt
Right dressing can make you look taller
  1. Prefer Maxi Skirts: Short women believe that maxi skirts aren’t just built for them. It is not true, maxi skirts can actually help short women in looking tall if chosen precisely. The skirt should border around the feet perfectly. A shirt which is properly tucked in, along with a jacket, preferably leather, should be preferred with the maxi instead of a tee shirt. The maxi skirt will also help you in covering the wedges or heels, which give a boost to the height. But make sure that you wear it carefully so that you don’t trip.
  2. Do not hesitate on wearing short skirts: If you have decided to wear a short skirt, do not hesitate to go a little higher. When the short skirt is higher, it gives more exposure to the legs, hence giving out an impression of longer legs to the viewer. Strapped sandals with high heels can be preferred with mini-skirts as the viewer is having an impression of longer legs and moreover the sandals will increase the height. Try avoiding knee/calf length skirts. 
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Factors affecting the height of a person

We know that our height depend of several factors. While some of the factors are natural, others involve our lifestyle and hence can be controlled. If proper care is taken of these factors, a person can successfully increase his/her height before reaching puberty and sometimes even after that. Let us discuss what are the factors that affect our height growth.


Genetics is the primary factor that influences the height of the person. A person who has tall parents is likely to get tall grow_taller_height_increase_natural_productnaturally. Roughly 60 to 80 percent of the height of a person is dependent upon the genes. A person whose parents are short, will have to work hard on the other factors to gain an attractive height.


Your height also depends on the fact whether you are a girl. Girls stop growing at the age of 18 to 19 but boys may grow up to the age of 22. Moreover it is seen that boys are usually taller than girls.

Environment & Surroundings

The surrounding environment of the person also affects the height of a person. A person who has a better living environment along with a good social, cultural and tidy environment is likely to have a better height than a person who lacks it. Climate also affects the height of the person, though it cannot be controlled by human beings.

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How Body Massage Can Help You Grow Taller Naturally

fix-it-with-massage_1Massage has become one of the most popular alternative therapies. It has been used as a therapeutic measure for several generations and across cultures.  There are several ranges of techniques available in massage. Different massage techniques have been designed to target specific areas of our body. A massage gives us several physical benefits ranging from improved circulation, increased energy, detoxification, relaxation, relief from pain, etc. It also offers several mental benefits like increased awareness and alertness, balanced emotions, relaxation and lower stress levels.

Apart from the benefits listed above, a good massage is also an effective way to increase your height. A better state of mind which is easily acquired by regular massage can contribute towards your efforts of growing tall. Even though at first it may seem that massage does not have a direct relationship to our bones and spine, but it definitely helps to stimulate the glands of our body. These glands then release the hormones which are essential for increasing our height.

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