How Correct Breathing can Help you Grow Taller

Breathing.  A simple enough activity that all of us do unconsciously, but is the most essential for all processes in the body.

A sad truth many don’t pay mind to is the importance of proper breathing.  This may sound redundant – what is there to do for ‘proper’ breathing, one may ask.

Proper breathing means taking in air to full and deep capacity every time you inhale and letting out all carbon di oxide and unwanted air out in one proper movement in every exhale.

That is, when you are breathing ‘properly’, your lungs are always working at full capacity.  As such, your oxygen intake increases, which means your metabolism is boosted up.  Your stamina and tolerance to physical and mental stress increases and overall, you will be more fit and healthy.

The key is to practice proper and deep breathing to the point where it becomes instinctive and natural.  Most of us usually breathe in through half breaths or puffs, which provide enough oxygen to keep us going but don’t really provide additional benefits in the long term.

So can doing breathing exercises and practicing deep breathing really help you to grow taller and gain a few more inches of height naturally? The answer is – yes, it mostly definitely can!

Read on to know more about these breathing exercises and how they promote height increase and body growth.

Fundamental principle co–relating breathing and height gain

The basic science behind the claim that proper breathing and following breathing exercises can promote height gain is simply this – you need oxygen for a good growth metabolism.

For your bones cells to grow healthy, grow fast and also be sturdy and flexible, the bones need to be provided with well -oxygenated blood.  For the blood to be well oxygenated, the amount of oxygen intake that goes into the body needs to be increased.

This is why sports helps to build muscles and grow taller and with better bones.  When you play sports or games or indeed do any sort of physical exercise or extra -curricular activity, you will be breathing more deeply and inhale for longer time.

This is the body’s natural response to combat de- oxygenation and depletion of oxygen concentration in blood.  So when you do sports or physical exercise or directly do breathing exercises, you are breathing more deeply and taking up more oxygen.

As such your blood always stays well oxygenated, even after providing oxygen for other organs in the body.  This rich oxygen concentration provides a great medium for muscle growth and bone growth.

Hence, ultimately, increase in height can be observed, all due to following just some simple deep breathing exercises every day.

The best height gain programs would always include tips on how to breathe properly.

Respiratory exercises for height increase and body metabolism boost!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to condition yourself to breathe deeply all the time and also some good breathing exercises that will boost up metabolism and increase height.

Basic healthy breathing technique

For good breathing technique always remember the three step move – inhale, hold, exhale.  When you take a breath, always inhale deeply, hold the air in you for a few seconds, then exhale it all out.

This very basic breathing technique practiced regularly everyday has tremendous advantages.  It boosts up height increase, relaxes the mind, increases oxygen in blood, promotes stress relief, etc.

Lying Down exercise


This is very simple and something we can all do easily every morning.

In this respiration promoting exercise, you lie down on your back on a flat, hard surface and consciously relax every muscle of your body.  Then you take a deep inhale, hold and then let out a deep exhale.  Repeat for five minutes.

Here, during inhale you expand your abdominal muscles and also relax your lower spine.  Exhale tenses up the spine and also contracts the stomach muscles.  This provides a great spine stretching and relaxing workout.

Breathe and stretch exercises

This is a series of exercises where you practice stretches of varying positions while also taking deep, measured breaths in a particular tempo, according to the exercise.

These exercises are the most effective for height increase of up to six to seven inches.  In these exercises, not only are you taking deep breaths – thus boosting your body metabolism, keeping your blood rich in oxygen and stimulating bone cell growth – but also your exercises provide that additional stretch and burn which is a great workout for your muscles and bones.  The combined effect induces a highly satisfactory growth and height increase.

First, stand straight with your arms at your sides.  Slowly lift up your arms while taking a deep inhale.  Stretch your entire spine and arm region while at the end of the inhale.  Hold position while holding breath.  Now lower arms while exhaling.

Second, hold your arms in front of you straight.  With deep inhale, slowly twist your hips alone so your arms and torso turn toward one side.  Hold position and breath.  When turning back forward, exhale slowly.  Repeat same steps on the other side.

Third, inhale deeply while lifting up your arms.  Stretch your spine backward as far as it can go, while exhaling slowly.  Inhale while coming back to straight position, arms still lifted up straight and spine still stretched.  Exhale while slowly lowering your arms.

Fourth, inhale deeply lifting up your arms and hold breath in that position for a few seconds.  Exhale while stretching and bending down to touch your toes.

These four are just a few simple examples in a multitude of good stretching plus breathing exercise workouts.  These workouts promote height increase, body stamina, overall fitness and also the capacity of lungs.

Yoga – the ultimate breathing exercise

Yoga is not just a great way to de -stress and relax the mind and body.  It is also a great and wonderful height increasing and breathing enhancing exercise.

Yoga comes in many forms.  Some forms, particularly the deep stretching exercises like the Mountain Pose and the Dog crouch stretches and so on, are particularly invigorating to growth and promote height increase.

And yoga poses for height gain naturally involve breathing exercises in their regimen.  As such, yoga is the best exercise for both breathing better for height increase and stretching more for height increase.

Being such a combination of two components that are tremendously impactful in increasing height and adding inches to a growing person, yoga is the best exercise out there for growing in height.  And it is certainly the most extensive exercise routine for great breathing exercises!

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