Correct Sleeping Habits – A Secret of Growing Taller

Sleep is a big part of our lives. It not only switches your mind off from work, but also assists the bodily functions. The

girl sleeping correctly
Change your sleeping habits to grow taller

reason why we are advised to rest in sickness is because when the mind and body are relaxed, the good enzymes released help the body to recover from sickness. Similarly, studies show that good sleeping habit helps to grow taller. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all slept through and grew taller? That is not the case. This article does not promise or keep you in the blind that only sleep helps to increase height. There are various other factors such as eat right, follow an exercise routine and most importantly, the genes you inherit. If your parents are short-height, the chances of you not growing too tall are higher. But don’t be disappointed, you can follow certain helpful tips to grow taller.

How does “sleeping well” help the body to grow?

Researchers believe that the absence of gravity when one is asleep helps spine to keep straight without compression. This is why astronauts, when in space, measures atleast two inches tall than their normal height when on earth. We must thank Sir Isaac Newton for presenting the concept of gravity to mankind. It has helped many scientists to solve some of the jig-saw puzzles of the workings of our universe.

Correct sleeping practices:

By sleeping in the right position, you propel your height genes to grow. Just sleeping won’t help. You have to sleep the right way. Here are few tips to do just that.

  • Usage of a pillow is an absolute no-no. Resting your neck on the pillow changes the alignment of the back with your head. It can cause further health complications like Spondylitis. Back and neck should not bend while sleeping which is why doctors prohibit the use of pillows.
  • It’s a known fact that soft mattresses do not help your spine stay straight. Firm mattress is recommended to help your spine rest flat without compressing it.
  • It’s bad news for people who love to sleep on their sides or on the stomach. It will act as a hindrance to your height increase process. You must lie on your back with your hands and legs stretched out. Give room to your spinal cord to make space between the vertebrae naturally, thus making you taller.
  • Last but not the least, 8 hours of sleep is a must. Doctors don’t stress on sleep without reason. As mentioned above, your system works best when good enzymes and hormones release. Most of it happens while you are asleep. Bones become healthier, your immune system fight against infection better, and your overall development takes place when one’s mind and body is relaxed.

Sleep and our busy life:

In a world of cut-throat competition, the need to be on our toes all the time becomes top-most priority. Work, family and leisure form the core part of our living. Health does not feature in the top three for most of us. However, the point we all must consider is that without staying healthy, we won’t be able to achieve any of the three. One bad day, your work gets affected, you lose concentration on the things important to you and therefore, life becomes miserable.

To avoid being sick and mentally drained, scientists have time and again stressed on the importance of sleep. Every human should be entitled to sleep in peace and get proper rest in order to prepare one’s body for the next day’s activity.

How important is height of a human:

Our society has been biased towards average or tall people. Short men/women are treated like miniatures, matter of joke and sadly never get the respect like most of the “normal” people do. It is an appalling situation which is why short people face inferiority complex within their work and social circle. It should be the responsibility of the parents and school authorities to teach children at a young age, of various health defects or challenges one face. Not all humans are tall nor they are short. God has sent a mixed bag but most importantly, we must co-exist in peace and camaraderie.

Other factors apart from sleep that helps increase in height:

Often, young mothers often panic about their child’s height. It is a normal human tendency of a mother to worry but you must also let your child grow on its own. Of course, you can implement some very healthy eating and exercise routine in your child’s life to necessitate the growth. But after a certain age, you stop height stops to increase; you still must follow the tips given below:

  • What we feed our body shows and reflects how one’s system functions. If you eat junk, your system gets destroyed and hence develops many health issues. It is a chain reaction. But if you eat green vegetables, drink plenty of water and get vital minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants in the correct amount, your immune system becomes sturdy to fight any foreign infections. Eating well also helps the body to function in a healthy way, boost the growth of height and weight perfectly.
  • Stretch exercise for young children helps them grow taller. If being short runs in the family, make sure you push your child to swim, skip the rope and do exercises on a daily basis to mould his/her body to be able to grow in height despite the genes. Yoga has been proved helpful for many adults to increase their height. Touch your toes; hang from a rod, stretch your hands and legs and pull-ups help tremendously to become taller.

Being short in height is not a shortcoming. What you must keep in mind is that every individual is born different. Love yourself and be confident in the person you are. Changing yourself or going overboard just to look tall or “presentable” can, at times, cost your life. It’s definitely not worth it.

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