Best Exercises for Kids to Grow Taller

All parents want what is best for their children, they want to give their children the best education and all the other best opportunities in life. Especially when you are a parent to a child who has just started growing it is very common to be concerned about his/her physical growth

Is your child not growing up as fast as you would want him or her to be ? Is he shorter than all of other kids at the school. While you should not get worried over this as lot of kids because a lot of kids grow taller a little later that is in pre teens stage, you should make continuous effort to make sure that your kids have a healthy lifestyle so that they are able to reach their maximum potential height.

A child’s height is mainly affected by his/her genetics but apart from that there is a proper diet that the child needs to follow for maximum impact. But also the correct physical activity will help in boosting the maximum potential of a child’s height. Medical specialists suggest that the correct physical activity can affect the child’s growth by 20% and thus making sure that the child does the right exercises is very important to reach the child’s maximum potential with the support of his/her genetics. Exercises which involves whole body workout mainly ones where stretching and jumping are involved are the best for children. Jumping will help stimulate the growth plates which are there in our bones and stretching will help the joints and bones in our body to relax, this is the ideal situation for the child to grow taller. 

One of the basic requirement of a healthy life is exercise. Exercise is as important for kids as it is for adults. Even though you might feel that your kids are naturally full of energy and spend a lot of time outdoors, its important that they are doing the right kind of exercises which can help them grow taller.

Make sure that your kids are doing some or all of the following exercises which can help them gain height early

Exercises for kids to grow taller

Rope Skipping

Many specialists will agree that rope skipping is one of the best methods that helps a child grow tall. Rope skipping involves a lot of jumping, and jumping helps activate the growth plates specially those which are present in knees, ankle and backbone. The jumping involved in Rope Skipping allows our growth plates to stretch and grow specifically in areas like backbone, knee and ankle. Rope skipping also helps in burning of fat as well as toning of muscles by stimulating the larger muscles and increasing the blood flow all throughout the body. To get double the effectiveness from this exercise do some simple stretching exercises. Rope skipping will serve as an amazing cardio exercise, make sure to do it 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes.


Apart from being a very good form of cardiovascular exercise running also stretches the muscles of back and legs which is very important for gaining height. Running helps in better blood circulation all over the body. Overall, running is one of the best exercises your child can do to grow taller

Running also helps in increasing our height by stretching our legs as well as back muscles. The stretching done through running helps our bones and also joints to relax. Running will not only help in growing taller but also one will burn a lot of calories by it.


Jogging helps in stimulating out growth plates as it includes jumping but in mild amount and also the joint of the legs also get stretched because of running at the same time. Jogging is the most ideal physical exercise for increasing height as well as the fact that it also stimulates the heart and the lung


One exercise which helps in the movement of and stretching out the whole body starting from legs to the hands as well as shoulders is Dancing. There is no reason why your kid shouldn’t be dancing. Its a complete exercise and is fun too. It stretches every part of our body. Different dance forms involves stretches and jumping. This relaxes our joints and also stimulates the growth plates of our body. Dancing is a fulfilling exercise in itself which not only involves jumping as well as stretching of hands, legs and the whole upper body this stimulates the growth plates and relaxes our bones and the joints. Another benefit of dancing is that it increases the circulation of blood throughout the body and also helps in burning extra calories in turn toning our muscles


Another form of dancing which helps children attain an increased amount of height is ballet. In this form of dancing there is a lot of stretching involve along with jumping involving the burning of calories and increased blood circulation


Aerobics is a particular type of cardiovascular exercise in which a lot of jumping and stretching of the calf muscle is involved which helps in the growth of our bones. It support burning of fat while ensuring complete well being of the person

Cycling with Raised Seat

For a lot of people are not aware about it but cycling is very effective in increasing height specially when done using a raised seat. Cycling is also a type of cardiovascular exercises helping the growth of leg muscles. The raised seat actually exercises the cartilage in the knee and thus supports the legs growing taller. Also cycling supports the secretion of HGH hormone which plays a vital role in the increasing height of an individual

Hanging Exercise

One of the very common methods well known by people is hanging from the rod to increase your height. This is a very scientific and very unique process to help in increasing height. The child needs to hold the rod using his hands and hang his/her feet above the ground, due to this the gravity starts to impact the body in a downward direction, trying to stretch every bone, muscle and joint present in your body but in a very balanced manner helping the child to grow taller. The force of gravity will increase when the child will pull him/herself more with the help of their hands thus helping to stretch the bones and joint more and more. Also so as to not strain your hands for too long you can perform 10 pull-ups or chin-ups while hanging on the Rod



A highly popular way of making children grow taller is Yoga or better known as Yogasanas. A better growth can ensured with the help of some particular Asanas like suryanamaskara, ardhachandrasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, hastapadasana, gomukhasana, adhomukhasavasana, aanantasana and chakrasana. But make sure that these yogasanas are done under the expertise of a skilled yoga instructor or else wrong postures create high risks for the child

Yoga asanas such as Surya Namaskar are ideal in helping kids grow tall. The pose allows the body to stretch completely, encouraging growth in height. Make sure your child does simple breathing exercises before beginning

Surya Namaskar can help your kid grow taller


Swimming is an ideal sport that can help your child to grow taller. You should definitely teach your kid this amazing sport that is sure to charge up his vital organs. Swimming is a full body exercise. It will lead to a muscle and height growth while giving her a healthy heart and a mind. Make your kid join a swimming class. Make sure she is doing it under the guidance of an expert coach and has all the proper accessories

Other Exercises

Various other exercises such as body stretching, lunges, tow touches, jumping jacks, and various other stretching exercises really helps the child growing taller.

Some other things which needs to be kept in mind is that the child’s regular diet affects their growth a lot. So along with making him/her practice the right exercises make sure that child has a diet enriched with carbs, protein, minerals and vitamins as these things will support the growth of the child. Also the child should get at least 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep because that affects their growth too. Also make sure that your child is not overweight because that disrupts their growth too and so maintaining a proper body weight is very important

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