10 Fashion Trends Short Girls Should Not Follow

You’re short and often in doubt about what to wear and what not to wear. Well you could be on your way to gain extra inches but till the time you achieve your dream height, it would not hurt to fake it.  The way you dress up can create an illusion of adding inches to your height. On the other side if you create some fashion blunders you could look shorter than you really are. Its a well known fact that a lot of celebrities are not as tall as they seem. They just make sure that they dress right.

Here are a few hacks every short girl should know about, to simply change the way you appear and feel great and confident about yourself.

1.Tunic Tops

Tunic Tops1-min

No offence! But these simply were never made for short women in the first place. They make you look boxy with their square shoulder to bottom cuts, and let’s get real you don’t want to look like a box.

2.Round-toe heels

Round Toe Heels1-min

Again a no-no! Especially with kitten heels. Try some sleek pointy-toe heels (high/kitten) instead, throw in a mini tight skirt or a skater skirt and watch them do wonders for your legs. You can also wear pencil skirts if you have a tiny frame and skinny legs.

3.Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses-min

Very comfortable yes, but not too flattering. What to wear instead ? Try skater frocks that fit well at the top and flare at the skirt, they will accentuate your small frame and goes perfectly with both flats and heels. Of course straight perfectly fit dresses never goes out of fashion for us.

4.Oversized bags

Oversized Bags3-min

Yes they look really cool and we see every model is holding one but again they are models and models are tall. Don’t hide behind your bag, instead go for something smaller – totes or slings.

5.Horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes1-min

NOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t even think about it. Instead switch the lines around, instantly add an inch or two by wearing vertical stripes. Yayyee!!

6.Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts1-min

Okay! You can opt for this but only with a straight hemline (add a slit to make it sexier). Don’t even try to pull off a wide hemline – it’s simply unflattering on short women.

7.Bermuda shorts

Bermuda Shorts3-min

No way ladies!! Not even in the gym.

8.Mid – calf Boots

Mid-Calf Boots 2-min

What were you thinking? This could be the biggest fashion disaster for you. I say get yourself a pair of nice wedged heels or block heels in ankle length boots.

9.Tea length Dresses/Skirts

Tea length Dresses-min

You should just avoid them. If you want to show some skin, I say go all the way above the knee. The mid calf hemline of the tea length dresses/skirts just don’t do it for petite frames.

10.Printed Jumpsuit

Printed Jumpsuit2-min

Yes as cute as they look and as much as you’d want to wear them, they just aren’t meant for short girls. Instead pick a jumpsuit in a solid color. TIP – Go for a tube top jumpsuit, to look taller.


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