Forward Head Posture Fix Review – Does It Really Work?

Hours of sitting in front on a computer or browsing on cell phones have given rise to a terrible habit in people which affects the body immensely. Whenever one in peering into a screen on driving one tends to hunch the neck forward in an attempt to get closer to the screen or road etc. This results in a rounded shape of the vertebra in the neck region. Not only can it lead to several health problems, especially centered around the head and neck regions, it can also ruin all your hours of effort and workout too. In the long term, this posture is bound to result in forward head posture and several other conditions. But this can be cured with the help of some simple ways, which is the focus of the book: Forward Head Posture Fix

What Is Forward Head Posture Fix?

Forward Head Posture Fix is a comprehensive fitness regime which was designed specifically to help one get rid of the forward neck posture with a bit of practice everyday. This book also claims to help people increase their energy levels as well as to alleviate the painful effects which usually develop as a result of this condition, such as neck and back pain, foggy mind, sleep deprivation, headaches, dizziness from pain etc in order to leave the person fresh and relaxed. Owing to these conditions, the entire head, neck and spinal cord are affected negatively. It puts a stress of these which makes a person feel perpetually tired and in pain. This also leads to irregular sleep schedules, moderate to severe insomnia, sleepiness at odd hours etc. This program me also promises to cure the common sleep disorders that people face owing to their bad posture, thus offering a regulated sleep schedule which is crucial for the well being of any person.

Knowing the authors

Rick Kaselj, MS is a a highly renowned and sought after kinesiologist who specializes in injury management and trauma recovery. Mike Westerdal is an acclaimed sports nutrition expert, personal trainer, fitness author and a contributor to the well read Iron Man magazine. He is also the founder of and this book is his latest gem. These two specialists have come together to create this handy fitness program which is aimed to treat this epidemic which is affecting almost the entire population on this planet. Although this is not a new phenomenon, but with computers and mobiles becoming an essential part of people’s every day lives, this has affected the general population like never before and in such severity that if left untreated, it can wreak havoc on people’s lives.

What is forward head posture?

Forward head posture, or texting neck are terms that are coined by the creators of this programme. It refers to an abnormal posture that people develop owing to their bad posture habits. During driving, writing, working etc people tend to arch their neck forward which comes instinctively to them as they try to focus or concentrate. But earlier this posture was adopted by people for only shorter periods of time, like while working or driving etc. The shoulders hunch, the neck bends and the head droops forward to fixate on the thing that is in front of the eyes. Hence, this was a professional hazard only for a handful of people ho were in professions which consisted of long hours of poring over their work. Thus this was not that severe a problem a couple of decades ago. These days with the advent of computers and smart phones, these devices are not only essential and absolutely integral parts of their professional lives, they have also intertwines with their personal lives, resulting in people poring over their phones or computes for long hours, sometimes as long as sixteen to eighteen hours. Thus this results in a rounded posture of the neck which can result in severe and permanent damage to a person’s bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and tissues.

When a person stays in this position for hours, the bones of the vertebra is twisted and gets deformed in that position which results in abnormal conditions of the bones and muscles in that region. An average head weighs 10 to 12 pounds and the neck is adapted to bear the weight in the normal posture that a human body supposed to be. But when the head hunches forward the weight distribution balance in thrown off. Normally the head in supposed to be in a straight line through the spine and the feet but in this posture, it puts an excessive weight on the spine which is it not designed to withstand. This can cause gaps in the vertebral column and result in painful conditions like erratic pain, headaches, migraine, shooting back pains, spondylitis and even slip disc. The nerves are also twisted out of shape, resulting in perpetual rawness and pain in the neck region. This leaves a person constantly in discomfort and hence, exhausted with little energy left. It can also cause disturbances in sleep, moderate or even severe insomnia, erratic sleeping schedules, sleeping during the day time etc. In the long run, this will result in severe conditions of the head, neck and back. This can even permanently disfigure a person and give him or her an unsightly hump.

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How does the programme work?

The first step to getting rid of this condition, as stated by the Forward Head Posture Fix manual, is to identify where one stands in terms of his or her posture. This gives an idea of how much change needs to be brought and a benchmark for measuring future success as well.

Once the problem has been identified, now it is the time to take action. One has to do a series of movements, some static stretches, a very relaxing breathing exercise and a bit of self massage which is to be performed for around 10 minutes each day. The exercises are quite easy to do and the video are also incredibly helpful to understand the regime.

But all you have to do is to ensure that you do the exercises regularly and together, in the right order as prescribed. The programme emphasizes hugely on the importance of following the right order and sequence of the processes without which the entire practice will not yield much fruitful results. What is even more amazing is that these eleven exercises all come with alternatives which one can practice if he or she is somehow uncomfortable with any of the original exercises.

Pros of Forward Head Posture Fix

Easy to include into one’s life

Most people complain that they do not have adequate time to work out but with this programme, they would not be able to use any excuse as the entire process should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes per day which is extremely doable, thus one would not have to miss out. Moreover the demo videos of these exercises are extremely comprehensive and well shot to ensure that anyone can emulate them and do the exercises perfectly.

Suitable for everyone

This programme is suitable for all people, irrespective or their sex, age, body type, weight etc. It is a corrective regime and hence, suitable for anyone who wants to improve their health. It is not dependent on prior fitness or any other criteria.

Money back guarantee

This regimen comes with a 100% money back guarantee if it does not give the promised results within two months. It is true that the rate of success might be different for different people but if one doesn’t see a minimum change, he or she can email the creators and get a refund, no questions asked!

Cons Of Forward Head Posture Fix

Requires commitment

All the years of bad posture can’t be cured overnight hence, the user has to be patient and dedicated. At first it might take longer and the results might be slower but dedication and commitment are what it takes to see the promised results. Hence, it is not for impatient people.

Does not include special conditions

Although this programme comes with guaranteed success, ther are certain cases where one needs to consult a doctor before starting the regime. Patients who have undergone permanent neck, head or spine injury or major surgery need to consult a specialist before they start these workouts.

Slightly pricey

This programme is indeed a tad pricey and hence, it might be a bit of an issue for some people. Even people who are financially stable might not want to shell out the money but since unlike most programmes available in the market this shows real results, the money is kind of worth paying.

Overall, this programme is a quite useful one which does offer excellent results. One can actually feel the difference, right from the very first day of the regime, which will invariably inspire and motivate the person to continue this programme. Frankly, it is worth the money!