How to Grow Taller After 30?

Growing taller even after 30 with these insightful measures

The world we live in is not fair to people who are short. A good height is not only considered attractive, it can also make life much better. It is a great asset, in the first place. There are some professions which have a minimum height requirement and it is impossible to even apply for a profession like this if you are below the limit. If that is not bad enough, it is not uncommon to be discriminated even at a job you have simply because of height. Taller people are seen as more responsible and smarter. Hence, they are usually entrusted with more responsibility than their shorter counterparts, irrespective of whether they are actually better at work or not. This ensures not only much better visibility but also higher chances of promotion. Sadly, this is not restricted to professional life only. Even when it comes to finding love, statistically, taller men and women experience more success and less rejection. People are psychologically wired to think that taller people are better endowed, stronger and make more stable partners and hence, they are seen as more desirable. If you are someone who is worried about your height, chances are that your fears are not baseless. It is also possible that you have experienced discrimination owing to your height, that you may or may not even be aware of and from there arises your insecurity.

Human beings experience most of their growth during the years of puberty. It is when the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain produced a large amount of growth hormone, which results in, what we know as, growth spurt. By the end of puberty, the production of growth hormone stops and hence a person stops growing in height. It is very difficult to gain height once a person has crossed puberty. But it is not entirely impossible. There are a number of different things that a person who has crossed puberty, or is even above the age of 30, can do to initiate a growth in height.

Our body has immense powers. We are not remotely aware of the wonders that it is capable of doing, if we know how to push the boundaries best. Although it is difficult one can still gain a decent few inches. There are natural, chemical and surgical methods which can be adopted to cause a growth in height and we shall discuss these methods in details below.


For a temporary solution, you can opt for an illusion which makes you look taller. When it comes to clothes, always opt for black or darker colours as they make you look taller. Moreover, if you are fond of stripes, never go for horizontal ones, as they give an impression of a shorter height. When it comes to pants, it is better to go for closely fitting ones. Pants with a loose fitting can make your legs look stubby and short. Also, do not fold the bottom of your pants. If your pants are too long, get them altered to fit you. Chunky shoes also make your ankles look shorter. You can opt for elevator shoes, to gain a couple of inches. But they are not supposed to be used regularly. Although these are not permanent solutions, they can help enhance your looks.


Reality bites

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your height problems, there are a number of natural, chemical or surgical methods that you can opt for. Each process has its own pros and cons and must be weighed carefully before embarking on the journey. You know know one thing that growing taller is a slow process which requires a lot of dedication and patience. You might have to go through months of trying really hard, even for the fastest method, to see satisfactory results. Here are the different paths you can take.

Au Naturale

There is nothing like going the natural way to stimulate your body to produce Growth Hormone naturally. A few changes in the lifestyle can lead to a better height. But you must remember that it takes time, dedication and patience to achieve it.

  1. Proper diet: It is important that you adopt a healthy diet. Abandon unhealthy junk food and consume fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Certain fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, banana etc promote the secretion of growth hormone, which leads to an increase in height. You must consume 4-6 litres of water everyday as it would lea to a better absorption of nutrients, thereby hastening the process.
    diet to grow taller
  2. Stretching: Regular stretching exercises, along with a proper diet can help you grow taller. As you stretch, your joints undergo decompression, which in turn, prevents shrinkage. If you stretch while your body is producing growth hormone, under the influence of your diet, this process will increase your height gradually.
  3. Posture: A good posture is of utmost importance because all your efforts of diet and exercise can be ruined by a bad posture. If you hunch, it can lead to a shrinkage in your height and even aggravate the onset of degenerative diseases like scoliosis. So, whether you are sitting or standing, make sure your back is straight. Ensure that your office chairs are comfortable because sitting on uncomfortable chairs for long hours can lead to bad posture.
  4. Sports: It is a good idea to invest your time into some kind of outdoor sports or activities like running, cycling, swimming, badminton etc. These help in keeping your entire body fitter and contribute to your overall health. This hastens your process of growth as well. Your muscles and bones develop more strength and hence, their capability of growing increases.
  5. Meditation: Meditation and relaxation are the most underrated but very important changes that you must adopt. Meditation takes out your entire stress and soothes the body and muscles, giving them some rest. This ensures that your muscles do not get sore so that you can work on them better. It is also said that with proper meditation, you can gain control over your body and ‘instruct’ it to grow taller.
  6. Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises, when done every morning, gives your body the right start to a day. It opens you up to the energies that promote health and holistic development. If you can follow it with some light stretching, you are bound to get excellent results very soon.
  7. Alternative treatments: These are some experimental processes which have shown great results but are yet to become mainstream. Alternative exercises like yoga, decompression using gravity by the use of inversion tables, gravity boots etc are gaining rapid popularity as they have shown striking results. You should consult your doctor and hire a trainer to guide you through these for safety and better results.

It is absolutely important that you understand the nature of these treatments which are long term and do not show results overnight. You have to be dedicated and patient. These might take weeks before it shows a considerable difference. But these are not only the safest but also the best as they improve your overall health as well as height. A slower progress should not deter you. Keep working on it and you are bound to see great results.

Chemical treatment

There are a number of height supplements available in the market which stimulate the production of growth hormone. In some cases, they use an artificial simulation of the natural growth hormone to make you grow taller. These promise quicker results than natural exercise, diet etc as they are using a chemical to stimulate. But it is slightly risky as a side effect or an excess production of growth hormone can be dangerous. It can leave one permanently disfigured. Therefore, it is important that you consult your doctor before taking any growth supplement to ensure that it is safe to consume. Moreover, there are a number of scams on the internet which promise you an increase in height but do not eventually work. There is also a chance that these may contain illegal chemicals which are extremely harmful. Therefore, it is incredibly risky to take a chemical supplement without doing proper research.


Cosmetic height increasing surgery or limb lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure which can give you an instant increase in height. This process reconstructs the bones to give you an increase in height. This process must be done only by a reputed surgeon as it is a serious procedure. The bones of both the limbs undergo an incision and with the help of a device, are subjected to a gradual stretching to cause an increase in height. It is an assured process which leads to a visible increase in height but there are high risks associated. If anything goes wrong, it can leave the person disabled. Moreover, there is always a risk of scars, keloids, infections etc associated with any surgery. Therefore, although this is an assured way to gain height, it is not recommended to take such great a chance.

Although chemical or surgical methods promise a faster growth in height, they are fraught with risks. It is a better idea to adopt a change in lifestyle and let your body grow naturally. It is safe and you will gain not only height but also better health.

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  1. I am 25yrs old and I am short with 4 inches my mom is short snd my dad is short as well but my grand mom uncles every other person in a family is tall please advise will I get tall if I fall the rules thanks.

  2. Advice please.
    Mother is short but father somehow taller. My immediate ones in the house are taller, and I’m the only one short

    • my advice is to go and see a doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. If you are healthy then make sure you follow a height growth routine which can help you gain inches


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