How to Grow Taller Overnight (Gain Inches in One Day)

As fantastic as it sounds, this is no story of Aladdin’s genie. It is a well-known fact that height is determined by genetics factors. Studies show that 60 to 80 percent of the difference in height is determined by genetic factors, whereas 20 to 40 percent is credited to other factors responsible for growing taller. These several other factors involve our lifestyle and hence it is in our hands to improve and let the magic unfold. In this article, we will talk about those factors, which impact and enhance our height growth.



Posture plays a critical role in revealing the hidden inches in the spinal column. By keeping the posture right, the



disc space in the spinal column is boosted, which has an excellent impact on height. Studies show 35% of a person’s height is accountable to his/her spine. Thus, improving posture can make a huge difference. Just by bettering one’s posture, one can add a few potential inches to the present height.

Improving Posture can help you look taller


A lot of people experience bad posture. One can immediately increase the height by correcting the posture. Common posture issues are swayback, rounded shoulders and poke neck. These often result due to habitual behavior. There is no particular exercise to keep the posture right. One must make it a habit to keep a right posture. Always keep the head at a level, not looking up or down with chest out. The shoulder blades should be back and tucked down. Strengthening the appropriate muscles will ease the tension and compression on the spinal discs, thus improving the height.

Practicing the correct postures while sitting, standing, walking, or even when relaxing has its impact on one’s personality and health. Sitting on a chair, for long hours, in the wrong posture can be harmful for the height growth because the human body is not designed to sit for long hours. One must rest the entire on the lower parts of the hips. Also, one should change the position of the legs at regular interval in order to relax the pressure accumulated after sitting for long hours. Similarly, when a person is standing, he/she must check their posture. One must stand firmly on one leg and keep switching the pressure from one leg to another. Even while sleeping, one must be in correct posture. Hard bed is good for the spine and it is recommended not to use a high pillow as it tires the neck. One should avoid carrying heavy backpacks.

Correcting posture is the best and easiest way to add inches to your present height. It may seem difficult when you start correcting your incorrect posture for so long but after a week of practicing the right posture, one can see the difference.

Dress up to Look Taller

With correct posture, a good sartorial sense can help enhance the potential increase in height. Some precious inches hide between the neck and shoulder. In order to bring out the inches, men should keep the hair short. Women, on the other hand, can definitely flaunt long tresses and manage to look tall by wearing V-neck tops, T-shirts, dress or shirts. Men should also choose V-neck t-shirts and pullovers, as they elongate the torso.

  • Well-tailored clothing will accentuate your body thus creating an illusion of a tall person. A sharp look always makes you look taller.
  • Wearing dark shades tend to elongate the body and make you seem taller. Also, light fabric will make you feel light unlike the heavy weight fabric, which will weigh you down.
  • Monochromatic colour palette has always been a classic. It gives an illusion of height by creating a vertical line of colour from head-to-toe, not to mention the class it adds to the overall style.
  • Avoid dividing the body with accessories like belts.
  • Vertical stripes are bound to make you look taller.
  • High waist bottoms for women will create the illusion of having longer lower body thus making you look tall.

Cleverly designed height increasing shoes with thick insoles or elevator shoes can be very helpful to immediately increase your height. One can also use inserts in any shoes for some added height.

Apart from the quick tips to increase height, one should also focus on other factors responsible for the increase in height like proper sleep, exercise and proper diet. Everything is interlinked and hence for the overall enhancement of the height, one must get into a routine practice of all the factors contributing towards it.


The body requires growth hormone, which is a hormone synthesized naturally by the body. The growth hormone is produced when the body is in deep sleep. In between the spinal discs there are fluid sacs. The head and shoulders, when one is standing, put axial pressure on the spine causing the sacs to compress. Lying down will allow them to expand again. Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, is a vital part of the body’s endocrine system. The hormone is released in the bloodstream by the brain during deep sleep. HGH is a complex protein released by the pituitary gland in the brain. It has been estimated that as much as 75 percent of human growth hormone is released when the body is asleep. With age, Human Growth Hormone secretion declines, so as an adult, one has to make a little extra effort by following good sleep routine and getting quality sleep on a regular basis. A good quality sleep for most adults would be 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Another thing, which is indirectly related to the growth, is taking hot shower or bath. Hot shower results in the increase in growth hormone production and melatonin. Thus, hot shower helps one sleep heavily and deeply during the night.


In addition to following a consistent sleep schedule, one should also exercise regularly in order to promote HGH secretion and expanding the fluid sacs between the spinal discs. One of the best ways to increase HGH level is through high intensity interval training. Stretching and yoga are very useful in lengthening the body, thus giving it a proper alignment and posture. Listed below are the few exercises considered critical in promoting the secretion of human growth hormone-

Swimming / Hanging

Gravity impacts the height by compressing the joints and spines, thus giving a short appearance. Hanging bar stretched the spine and makes room for the body to extend. Swimming requires a plenty of reaching and stretching, which is vital for significant growth. Hanging bars along with swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise.

  • Cobra stretch/Super Cobra stretch

Lie down on the ground with face down and palms on the floor under the shoulders. Arch the spine up leading the chin to make an elevated angle. Arch the back as far as possible and comfortable. This exercise stretches out the spine and elongates the body.

  • Basketball/Skipping

Basketball involves dribbling the ball, shooting the ball, jumping and collecting the rebounds and most importantly it involves intense running. These activities are beneficial in the secretion of the growth hormone. Similarly, in skipping, one has to jump continuously which stretches the spine and back muscles. In fact, while skipping the body muscles and ligaments are constantly stretching and contracting. Skipping also adds to the bone mass thus making them longer. With regular basketball/skipping sessions, the entire body looks slimmer, which makes one look taller.

  • Hoping with one leg

What makes this exercise easiest is the fact that it can be practiced anywhere. One just has to hop on left leg 6-8 times with hands towards the sky. The same needs to be followed for the right leg. The jumping or hoping is instrumental in the generation of growth hormone. It also results in stretching and strengthening of legs.

  • Wall stretch

One has to stand against a wall and stretch the hands upwards as much possible, while getting onto the tip of the toes. The spine should be as flat as possible against the wall. The 4 to 6 seconds of exercise is all about stretching. Also, in terms of acupressure, the acupoints for increasing height lies at the tip of the thumb. So, when one stands on the toe, the pressure applied on the tip of the thump results in secretion of hormones by the pituitary gland.

Proper diet

An essential mix of protein, vitamins and minerals can help maximize the growth. In order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, the body must be reloaded with ample amount of energy. Along with the proper diet, there are a few food items, which can work wonders in strengthening the bones.

  • Calcium

The most important element for strong bones is calcium. The body requires calcium throughout the life to maintain bone levels. Therefore, calcium rich food should be consumed on a daily basis. Dairy, sardines and leafy greens like spinach should constitute a part of the diet. Milk and yogurt are a rich source of calcium.

  • Protein

Milk and yogurt, other than having high calcium content, are rich in protein. Protein is another vital constituent of a diet responsible for height. Oatmeal, when consumed daily, increases the muscle mass and helps in enhancing the growth. Similarly, steamed, boiled or baked soybean, if consumed daily with salad or curries, increases bone and tissue density. Beans are rich in protein and vitamins. Eggs have high amount of protein content that encourages development of strong and healthy bones.

  • Vitamin C

Bone growth is the key factor in increasing the height. This is where Vitamin C, which is an important component for bone growth, comes into play. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin C. Fruits like grapefruit, papaya, mango, apricots and passion fruits are rich in Vitamin, potassium and fibre. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and C.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiencies can cause bones to become thin, weak and brittle. The best source of vitamin D is sun. Short, regular exposure to sun can be favourable for height growth. Eggs are also known to have vitamin d along with high protein.

  • Beta Carotene

For normal growth and bone development, Beta Carotene is an essential vitamin. It is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, apricots and green peppers.

Environment & Surrounding

Better living milieu that is, a good social environment, contributes in the growth of a person’s height. Nurturing environments contribute to positive health outcomes and fewer development challenges. This factor holds true for people of all ages.

A little tweaking in everyday lifestyles can give some big results. A good health with a good height is bound to increase the self-confidence. Incorporating the aforementioned pointers, one can experience the holistic improvement in one’s life.

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