Hollywood’s Secret of Tall Men Exposed: But Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes?

Always hated the way you stood up in the crowd? It’s time to take matters into your hands and do something about that. Your height is a consequence of a number of factors like genetics, bone strength, diet, daily routine, childhood injuries, posture and so much more. Rapid growth in height starts around the pre-teen ages when boys start getting their growth spurts. With proper lifestyle and diet height can be boosted, hence one must maintain a good posture and healthy diet to stay fit avoid shrinkage. Often people who slouch develop uneven gaps in the vertebral column, leading to shrinkage in height. Extreme bad posture can lead to permanent damages. Although genetics plays the major role in determining a person’s height, a few small things during the years of puberty can make a huge difference. A good posture and calcium rich diet gives young boys healthy bones and helps with their growth. Utmost care must be taken during these years because once the growth spurt ends it is not a very easy feat to gain height when you are an adult. If you are someone who has missed the bus during your growing years, here is all that you need to know about the secret of looking taller even when you are not really so.

The Height Genie

The easiest way to appear taller without any effort has to be elevator shoes. Put on a pair to any occasion and instantly look taller. While these won’t get you into the army or your favorite basketball team, these will definitely make you look taller and smarter at the big office dinner or party. Elevator shoes have thickened insoles to give the wearer an additional height. Unlike high heeled shoes these shoes provide an added height from inside, so that the person wearing it looks taller without giving away the secret. The insole can be made of rubber, wood or plastic and cradles the heels higher off the ground to give an illusion of height. It can give you an elevation of two to five inches without the visible effect of heels. Some brands have shoes which can give a higher elevation up to even eight inches.

Elevating to the Pinnacle of Confidence with Elevator Shoes

Being short is quite often a matter of ruptured confidence, especially in among men. Shorter men tend to have low confidence in social or professional situations. In our society, a good height is associated with masculinity and hence women find taller men more attractive. Even men tend to look down upon shorter men as inferior or not manly enough. Men with good height not only score high on the tall, dark and handsome route among women, but they also tend to always be the talk of the town with their dashing looks! Even in professional scenarios where there is no minimum height requirement it is usually seen that taller men are perceived as more efficient and stronger. People also associate height with success and therefore shorter men are bypassed. When it comes to presenting your work in front of potential clients or in public this bias is even more harmful especially if you are the one who has worked the hardest while someone else takes away the credit. Elevator shoes can be a lifesaver in situations like these. Even though it is very difficult to actually gain height once you are an adult, these shoes can give you a good confidence boost without any effort. A better height makes you look manlier and smarter, giving you the necessary conviction to glide through life without feeling self-conscious about your height.

Elevators and the Hollywood Glitterati

Elevator shoes are pretty popular in Hollywood. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger and many others have donned a pair with pride at several events. It seems that superheroes don’t shy away from it either. Batman, George Clooney has been seen in one too and even our Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. is no exception.

But one must be extremely cautious while buying a pair of elevator shoes. Meticulous research and thorough trials are important before you buy them because the wrong shoe can not only ruin your entire look but will also pose a threat to your health.

Shine on With the Perfect Height Gain Shoes

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect shoe.

  1. Comfort first: Before committing to a pair, put them on at the store and walk around to see if you are completely comfortable in them.
  2. Heel support: Ensure that your heel is gently cradled and doesn’t hurt when you walk. If you face the slightest discomfort, discard it because you will invariably end up with a sore foot at the end of a party in that shoe.
  3. Balance: A good balance in the walk is a key to good walk. Lack of balance will lead to an awkward posture while standing or walking. Moreover, your feet will get tired very soon.
  4. Sole: When compared to the plastic, metal or wooden ones, a rubber sole show is better as they don’t cause feet ache.
  5. Shape: Ditch buying square or boxy shoes and opt for sleek and rounded ones always. Sleek rounded shoes give a more classic look and don’t make your feet look small. When it comes to buying sneakers and trainers, ensure that the heels are extremely comfortable since the wrong pair of work out shoes can spell disaster. Steer clear of shoes which look chunky around the heels because even though they might increase your height, they will give the illusion of being shorter and hence defeat the purpose. They also make it pretty evident that you are wearing elevator shoes and hence your secret is spilled.
  6. Elevate, don’t levitate: Never buy a pair which has a very thick base. Shoes with a thick sole inside are your best bet if you are going for a sophisticated, confident look.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

You should always save your elevator shoes for the special presentation or party instead of making it a regular habit. Even though they give you a temporary height boost, these shoes are not the best when it comes to health.

  • While your feet is resting on an elevated plain, walking in these shoes can be quite comfortable as one doesn’t get a flat plan surface to tread on. This can also lead to pain and even dislocation if not taken care of.
  • Long hours in elevator shoes on a regular basis can result in mild discomfort to extreme pain in the back and knees.
  • Taking sharp turn or running in these shoes can be potentially hazardous since they do not offer a substantial balance and hence chances of falling or twisting one’s foot are higher.
  • Elevated shoes can be the cause of pain in the main area of feet, such as heels and arches. Furthermore, it can also lead to inflammation of Achilles tendon and hamstrings.
  • An uncomfortable elevator shoe can also be the major cause of instant bleeding, supremely painful corns and a myriad range of other problems.
  • One of the major lifelong problem you might come across after wearing this shoe is the shrinking of height on permanent basis.

Therefore, it is advisable to save these shoes for special occasions and focus on trying to improve your height and posture using exercise, stretching etc.

It is not unusual of an adult to gain an inch or two from good posture, regular exercise and better diet. Elevator shoes can be a short-term solution for a special event but definitely not a good idea when it comes to everyday use.


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