How to grow tall by sleeping properly

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Sleep is the ultimate elixir; sleep is known as the healer of some of the worst pains and also removes tiredness of the body. Apart from this, sleep has many more benefits. One of these benefits is that sleeping can help a person in growing taller. Apart from various exercises and a balanced diet, sleeping properly is known to be a natural way of increasing the height of the human body. Sleep can not only help in increasing the height of the body but also helps in improving the posture. A proper posture triggers the growth of the body, whereas a poor posture might obstruct it. But just sleeping will not increase the height of the human body, sleeping at the right time, for an appropriate duration and in the correct manner will benefit in human body.

When you lie down on the bed, make sure that you sleep in a posture that helps your body to grow. Your body should not be curled up whilst sleeping but should be kept straight. Sleeping straight on your back is the perfect posture as it keeps the body straight. Sleeping without a pillow is recommended as it helps in increasing the growth as the body will be perfectly straight without the pillow. In the initial period, if it is difficult sleeping without a pillow, a smaller one can be opted to get used to the new habit.

Apparels that a person wears during the sleeping period also affect the growth of the body. Clothes that make you feel relaxed should be worn during the sleep. The apparel chosen should not be too tight or too loose. Too slippery or spiky clothes should be avoided as they don’t help in relaxing the body. The cloth should allow the skin to breathe properly. Long pajamas are really comfortable and hence can be preferred to be worn. Sluggish clothes should be avoided in order to grow properly. Properly washed clothes with good smell shall be used.

Only sleeping can never benefit the body and hence proper exercise of the body is necessary. A proper workout or related activities is necessary for the body as they help in boosting the release of the growth hormones. Sleeping peacefully for at least 8 hours is necessary as when a person falls asleep, the pituitary gland produces a huge amount of growth hormones which are released to the body. If proper sleep is not given; there is a fall in the production of growth hormones thus affecting the height.

Warm water bath helps in relaxing the body so a hot/warm water bath shall be preferred before going to sleep. Warm water also helps in making a person sleepy. It is really beneficial to take a hot water bath to grow your body whilst sleeping.

It is recommended that a person should eat at least 4 hours before sleeping. This helps the person to sleep properly as eating just before sleeping leads to insomnia. Lukewarm milk before sleeping is recommended. The dinner should lack an excess of fats as it might lead to an increase in the weight.

Stretching of the body is a plus point as it is believed that the gravity hinders the growth of the human body and if the limbs are stretched properly before sleeping then it benefits the body. Stretching warms up the body and leads to the expansion in joints.

Hence proper sleep in proper posture is recommended for the growth of the body. Other factors like warm water bath, eating early, wearing comfortable and clean clothes and stretching will also help in triggering the maximum release of growth hormones.


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