How Tall is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart has been very successful in spite of his small stature. An american comedian, actor and producer, Kevin Hart has been known to crack jokes about his less than average height.

Kevin Hart’s Height

One of the major reasons that Kevin Hart is so popular today is his height. He is 5’4″ tall making him quite short as compared to other hollywood stars and comedians. This has infact worked in his favor as a lot of roles he plays for movies and cameos on television are in some way inspired by his short stature.

Kevin Hart is very comfortable about his short height and is known to poke fun of his short height during his comedy routines. He has regularly quoted that his short height is a major part of who he has become as a person. The lack of height has encouraged him to give more attention to other aspects of his life like his health and exercise. He spends a lot of time in the gym and eats healthy.



Kevin Hart started as a stand up comedian early right after he graduated from high school. Thereafter he made his acting debut in the movie North Hollywood. His next appearance was in the 2002 film Paper Soldiers. Soon Hart managed to secure nigger roles for him in movie s like The 40 year old virgin, Think like a man and Little Fockers (2010).

Kevin Hart’s Awards

Kevin Hart has received a lot of awards because of his acting skills. He has won 3 teen choice awards, 3 kids awards, a coiple of peoples choice awards and several more. Apart from these he has received a short award, MTV award and a BET award. His comic talent began early during his high school years and his skills have brought him a lot of fame and fortune.

Kevin Hart’s net worth

Kevin hart’s net worth is infact the opposite of his height. In spite of his short stature, the comedian has a net worth of $150 million. The actor/comedian earned around $90 million during August 2015 to August 2016

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