Leg Lengthening Surgery to Make You Grow Taller

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leg lengthening surgery

Since a good height is a very coveted  thing these days, every person wants to get taller than they already are. A good height has proven to be beneficial in every field, be it personal, sports or professional. Companies prefer people who are taller as they have a better personality as compared to the shorter ones. In this competition many people fail because of their genes, lack of nutrients in the diet or because of avoiding the exercises and sports in the initial stage of growing. When they realize their mistake it’s too late. Growing tall is pretty hard once the puberty has stopped but there are several other ways that help people in getting taller. One such way is opting for a limb lengthening surgery. It is surely an expensive way but it surely works.

Almost every age group can be benefited because of this surgery. People who have met accidents, people who have uneven length of their legs, people who have defects in their bones since birth and many more. The surgery better known as osteogenesis, varies from staff to staff and from patient to patient. There are basically four stages in the limb lengthening surgery.

First stage:

The particular bone fragment which is going to be lengthened will be cut and after that a securer is fixed on the actual part with some kind of clips or cleats. The whole period requires about 2 days of admittance in the medical centre.

Second Stage:

A 10 day bed rest is given to the patient in his/her own home. In this rest period, the patient’s equipment is customized every day. The equipment separates bone by 1mm every single day. The bone will develop in the newly created hollow space.

Third stage:

The person undergoing the treatment shall experience physiotherapy during this operation to maintain the flexibility of the limbs and to keep them sturdy.

Fourth and final stage:

Once the bone has expanded to the desired length in the empty space and has become sufficiently strong to withstand the body’s weight, the equipment is taken out then. The leg is then put under some protection to prevent any accident or an unforeseen injury. The protection is kept for one month.

The whole process takes about 3 months and a lot of money. It will cost about $85000 (Rs 5000000). But a lot of questions arise when people opt for this.

Some of them are:

How tall can a person get after leg surgery?

The answer to this is two to three inches. It is pretty famous in the US and people who have underwent the surgery have gained this much only. Limb lengthening surgery is not performed on people who are taller than 5’9”. So if your height is more than 5’9” and you were willing to go to 6 foot, unfortunately, this surgery will not be performed on you.

Is it safe to have leg lengthening surgery?

The answer to this is that it is not 100% safe as it might cause several damages like nerve damage, uneven lengthening of the limbs, problems in the hips and sometimes even paralysis. A study revealed that the chances of complications occurring during the treatment are pretty much frequent.

Does leg lengthening surgery treatment cause pain?

Yes the treatment is unbearably painful. If you think that you can escape the pain with the painkillers that is not possible. The doctors say that the painkillers may affect bone growth and hence fail the operation completely.

The procedure will surely help you in getting taller but there are a lot of complications that may or may not occur because of this treatment. Moreover this is recommended only for people who suffer from dwarfism. If you are a 5’6” tall person and wish to reach 5’9”, this procedure may be the worst decision you have ever taken in your life.

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