Morning Routine to Grow Taller

Height is one of the most understated asset that goes a long way in making a long-lasting impact. A nice, tall and slender frame speaks volumes about an impressionable personality. While it a fact, that anyone who is happy with their own body must carry it off with pride, there are many who wish to have those perfectly sculpted long legs and a long frame. And why not? Accentuate your personality further with your sturdy tall frame. Listed below are among the top 5 morning routine to grow taller naturally, these secrets passed on through ages of murmurs and whispers of wisdom.

Stretch those muscles to grow taller

Every morning, after you have struggled to convince yourself to get out of bed, STOP. Do not get out of bed yet, some of our work out can be done on the comfort of the bed itself! Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, get up and stretch, stretch your body, your legs your arms and let the blood circulate openly throughout your body. Good blood circulation implies good nutrition to all the cells of your body, right up to your tiny toes. So, let the good stuff go into every cell of your body, this small act by itself starts your day with some good nourishment to your cells. There is a reason why every warm up or exercise starts with stretching, it loosens your muscles and your body is in a much more relaxed state.

Inhale and Exhale: We promise it’s that simple

So, the effects of simple process of inhaling and exhaling has been spoken through the ages. You need to do this while you’re on the bed. Take in a deep breath of air and feel it rush into your lungs, exhale! This simple act has powerful impact on the brain and body functions. Oxygen being the key here, oxygen lets the cells of your body respire. If every unit of your body is provided with good amount of oxygen it functions better, therefore enhancing the function of all your body systems. Cells tend to shrink due to lack of oxygen therefore causing various problems such as fatigue etc. which prevent good health and exercise. So, don’t forget to Inhale & exhale consciously every morning. DO this for 3-4 mins to see maximum benefits.

A pocket full of sunshine

Sunshine is more important to your body that to your selfies or cameras! Sunlight is known to be bestowed with some bundle full of Vitamin D, Sunlight being among the only abundant sources of it. So, like some A grade Sci- Fi movie these rays actually help in developing your height. Vitamin D3 is known to be directly linked to good height growth in children. SO, go on that morning walk, and grab your quota of pocket full of sunshine.

Exercise: Love your workouts, your height will follow

Begin with simple brisk walk, this stretches your muscles and puts just the right amount of stress into them that might enhance your height. Jogging again is another great way of pushing your muscles to stretch better and perform better. A lot of stretching exercises will definitely help you to reach closer towards your height goals. Suryanamaskar is known to be one of the workouts which will definitely benefit in height gain. Cycling is one of the oldest and most proven trick in the bag that helps accentuate height.

The massage therapy: Who doesn’t love a good massage?

Post workout, it is good to massage your muscles out a bit. This helps them relax from the spurts of stress and tension that work outs cause in your body. However, these spurts of stress and tension to your muscles are good for your body to stay in a more active and healthy state. Therefore, slightly massage your leg muscles to get them relaxed a bit. And come on, after all that toil and sweat who wouldn’t love some good massage, even if you have to do it by yourself.

Try our these awesome lifehacks to grow taller naturally with these amazing yet simple morning routines and let the body work its charm. It may be slow but results will start to show if your start to do all of the above in some great synergy and symphony. Good Luck!

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