The Most Attractive Height for Men and Women

It has been known for quite some time that men are generally taller than women. It is in-fact almost rare to spot a couple where the female is taller than her male counterpart. The height preference exist on both the sides of the sexes. Women in general prefer man who are taller than them and vice versa. This preferences for heights has been stereotyped and widely accepted in today’s movies, books, discourses and every day discussions. In US for example, on an average, men are 5 inches taller than their female counterpart. While a height of 5’5” is considered ideal for women, a height of 5’11” is considered,   decent for men. It must be noted however, that ideal height varies wildly according to geographies and preferences. 

A lot of research has been done on this subject matter but experts vary in their opinions in regard to evolution of mankind. Proponents of the argument state that men have evolved to be tall in response to environmental stimuli such as hunting and show of strength within a community. A taller height and a wider gait has been associated with more strength and dominance. Women in turn, are thought to be attracted more to taller men because taller men are perceived to be stronger and hence, protect the women and the family more fiercely. This concept has been widely accepted and researched in science and is known as Sexual Dimorphism. Opponents of the argument however, claim that men have grown taller over the centuries and are projected to grow even taller. If the height was indeed correlated with evolution and protectionism, there was no need for the mankind to grow taller anymore since over many centuries, the civilizations did not live by the caveman rules and the lifestyle it demanded. In the days of caveman, it is quite probable that women picked taller men to have children with owing to survival instincts and demands of the nature to have bigger and more capable bodies. However, it is indeed true that taller height does not confer any advantage to men and women in today’s day and age when compared to their shorter counterparts. These preferences may have begun as evolutionary responses but today they exist because of social stereotypes.

The rules however for dating and are not set to change anytime soon. Women still prefer men who are taller than them and men still prefer women who are shorter than them. Women of about 5’7” and shorter consider the ideal height of men to be 5’11”, but women taller than 5’8” want their men to be taller than 6’1”. Similarly, men who are taller than 6’0” prefer women of between 5’8” and 5’11”, while shorter men in the range of 5’8” to 5’11” tend to prefer women in the same height bracket. While men are less stringent about their preferences, women are found to be more frugal with their choices and preferences. This sort of preference is not unique to any particular country and demographic but observed widely across all age groups, countries and civilizations.

These preference places a huge burden on the lifestyles of both men and women. Starting at a fairly young age, children are fed hormone tablets by their parents and prescribed height specific exercises, all the while ignoring other crucial aspects of personal and physical development. A lot of products and edibles have been doing rounds in our local supermarkets which claim to help increase the kid’s height. In the youth, when both the sexes really start to get comfortable with the opposite sex, height becomes a primary factor in deciding who can date whom. While being a bit taller is not considered much of a burden, being a bit short can really turn the tide away from the individual’s favor. A lot of women start wearing heels specifically to conflate their height and thus affect the posture and health adversely. A pair of 5 inch heels can really boost a woman’s height and her self-esteem but it is going to affect her legs and her muscles adversely if worn frequently.

Most right swiped height for men and women


Height preferences also play a major role in the world of online dating where height is one the first description listed in the person’s profile. This becomes a differentiating factor for deciding any future association with the partner. These preferences can sometimes cloud a person’s judgment and the person may end up picking up a wrong partner just on the basis of a positive first impression because of the height. This kind of scenario does play well for either parties since a lot of other factors such as intelligence, maturity, health etc. also play a crucial role in forming relationships. Taller men are sometimes found to take undue advantage of their height with eventually leads to failed relationships in the long-run.



The social fabric around this kind of preference has been slowly but surely coming apart in recent past. Since the height preferences are only social stereotypes and not evolutionary necessity, there are quite a few couples where this convention does not play out. People have begun to understand and empathize with the irrelevance of height for practical purposes. People have begun to holistically consider a partner and assign less importance to their partner’s height. A lot of celebrities can be spotted now wherein the female partner is taller than her male partner. Hollywood boasts of some interesting pairs such as Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and the legendary couple Mick Jagger and L’Wren Scott. In the days to come, we can surely expect that people will be judged less on the basis of their height and more on the basis of who they really are.

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