How to Stay Motivated to Grow Taller?

There have been a number of surveys that suggested a correlation between height and success. Countless studies have shown society’s preference for the tall. Being tall is a blessing and height is directly proportional to a lot of advantages.

We do love to gain height even after reaching puberty but the road to success comes with some effort. Height is a product of both genes as well as environmental factors. Along with these, if one observes a regular routine towards increasing the height, one can witness wonderful results.

The regular routine includes a proper diet, exercise, sleep, posture and lifestyle. We often seem to follow the schedule for a few weeks and we wish to see quick results.

Failing to see quick results demotivates us and we tend to let go of our daily routine one by one. It is definitely not easy to follow an intense routine. It is an achievement in itself when the body imbibes the routine as a habit.

We all know that it takes 21 days to become a habit and 90 days to become a lifestyle. All we need is to be motivated and continue at it. There are a few ways to stay motivated and inspired while following the health regime.


Like the old saying goes, making excuses burns zero calories. The first and foremost thing is to believe in what you are getting into; believe in achieving the goal. It is very important to change the perspective from being a lazy person spending all day on a couch to an active person. One must start thinking like an athlete. Brain is the master of everything so when brain is motivated to do something, our body gets the instruction to work towards it. Inspirational quotes can help rekindle our fitness commitment. One can make preparations like mark your height on the wall. That’ll motivate you to work towards it.

Set a Goal

Setting a goal is certainly important as it gives a definite ending to your newly curated lifestyle but one must always set a realistic goal. The better idea is to set small goals prior to the big ones. Achieving smaller goals is bound to keep you motivated. Whether it’s about consuming leafy vegetables or cutting down on sugar or a little more time in physical activities, setting smaller goals are easily achievable. One must avoid setting hard and fast rule. The idea is to stay motivated all the time, hence it’s important to be flexible while setting goals. One of the ways to keep at it is by making your efforts more tangible. Wonder how? By rewarding yourself. It keeps us motivated and inspired for a long time. This also triggers your confidence and boosts your performance. This definitely increases the odds that the routine becomes a habit, that too a happy one.

A regular workout/meal time

To make a habit out of the daily routine, one must adhere to time. Doing something at the same time regularly trains your mind and body to secrete certain hormones at the same time everyday. One can use a planner to do the same. Ticking off each day you have successfully completed the entire routine will keep you motivated to continue at it. You can put up the date planner on one of the walls where you can see it the first thing when you wake up. Adhering to a regular mealtime will make the body hungry exactly at the same time everyday.

Find your fitness tribe

Promises we make to ourselves may or may not be fulfilled but we certainly are more likely to stick to our pledges made in front of people. Everyone has different capabilities, so if we see one adhering to his/her regular routine, we are motivated to do the same. Moreover, with the right kind of people around, words of encouragement result in boosted confidence. One can plan scheduled workouts together because it’s easy to hit the snooze button when it’s just you, but when you know there is a friend waiting at the track, you are bound to let go of your sleep. One can also follow any fitness app to track the regular progress. The apps give a progress graph that can be very motivating.

There is a range of products available in the market that promise height increase but one must understand that increasing height is not a quick process. It is a gradual process, which happens as a result of following a regular routine in every department.

Height is regulated by a kind of hormone called the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). So in order to grow height, one must follow a routine, which focuses on promoting the production of the growth hormone.

There are several ways in which the secretion of growth hormone can be increased. For instance, the diet plan should include the right amount of protein, calcium, vitamin and Beta Carotene found in egg, milk, yogurt, leafy vegetables and fruits. This dietary plan should be in sync with the regular work out session, which should include a lot of stretching exercises like hanging bar, cobra stretch, wall stretch.

Other than these, one has to maintain a proper posture and actively indulge in sports like basketball, swimming, skipping for the overall enhancement of height. The muscles of our body play a major role in our growth and regular physical activities help in bone development.

Sleep is seen to be the catalyst for other workout. A deep sleep for 7 to 9 hours is very essential for the person to be ready for an intense workout the next day. Also, our body grows and regenerates tissues while the body rests. All these factors contribute to the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland situated at the back of the brain.

There are other ways in which one can motivate oneself. Listening to motivating music can boost up our will to perform well. Similarly, one must keep reading testimonials and watch videos of successful athletes. Apart from following a healthy regime, one must also take care of one’s lifestyle.

Say no to Drugs

There hasn’t ever been any positive outcome of the usage of drugs and hence there cannot be any positive impact of the same. In fact, usage of drugs can end up harming the physical and mental health.

Limit the Alcohol

Taking drugs and alcohol at a young age can prove to be detrimental to your health. Consuming alcohol at young age can lead to malnutrition, which will result in stunted growth. Regular consumption of alcohol can cause cardiovascular diseases at the age group of 35-45.

No smoking

Smoking is infamous for causing lung cancer, heart disease and tooth decay. Very few are aware of the fact that smoking results in stunted growth in adolescents and teens. Smoking impacts height, lung development and bone growth. Smoking has detrimental effects on bone density increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Intake of Caffeine

The intake of coffee should be restricted as it can impair the ability to fall asleep. Pituitary gland secretes the growth hormone the most when the body experiences high quality sleep. Coffee tends to cut down the quality of sleep, which in turn affects the production of the growth hormone.

Growing height doesn’t depend on any one of the factors more than other. In order to develop a good height, one must focus on the overall development. Even making small changes in your routine can add up to big results. On that positive note, take up the health regime for a better, longer and of course taller life!

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