Disadvantages & Risks of Leg Lengthening Surgery to Increase Height


Limb lengthening is a complicated procedure for growing height permanently. In this procedure, the bone is cut and a device is set up which widens the gap and a new bone grows there. But this is a very complicated and expensive method. The surgery surely helps in increasing the height but it has many side effects. The sole purpose of this kind of surgery is not increasing height but helping people with uneven legs, dwarfism and different problems in their shins. This is not a recommended way but an option for increasing the height.

There are many factors explaining why limb lengthening is not the perfect remedy for increasing the height of a person. The reasons are:

High Costs

Limb Lengthening Surgery costs roundabout $75000 which is considered as a fortune and not everybody can afford it. A person who opts for this surgery will certainly pay a huge amount out of his/her savings. Moreover, the medications and other necessities also cost a lot. So a lot of costs are required.

No physical movement for 3 months:

The person undergoing the surgery will be completely bedridden for roundabout 3 months or till the time the bones have become strong enough to bear the pain. So the person becomes totally dependent on friends and family. This may result into an emotional trauma as the person is helpless and dependent on the family.

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