Best Stretches to Grow Taller

If you think increasing your height is a big deal, you have got it all wrong. Even if you are above eighteen years of age, you can still grow you height. All you have to focus on is to remove the decompressions on your vertebrae that develop over time because of bad posture habits as well as gravity. The height of every human body gets influenced by numerous factors such as nutrition, genes, hormones and even the environment in which one is raised. Although it is hard to fight against all these factors, it is not impossible. All you need is strong determination coupled with will power for improving your height even after hitting your mid-twenties. One of the most efficient ways of increasing your height faster is to exercise. It not only makes you grow taller but also keeps you fit. For synergizing the effect, you should team up your workouts with a healthy intake of food at the right proportions. These little steps will have a positive impact on growing your height. If you are looking for some of the most amazing exercises for increasing height, we have got your back. Keep reading to find out:

The Pelvic Tilt

‍Do you have any idea of the number of hours you spend during the day sitting? You might not know this but if you sit for longer hours, it will affect your height and not in a good way. Prolonged time periods of sitting can change the shape of your spine which can lead to imbalances in the associated muscles. This is surely going to affect the way in which your body grows. The pelvic shift is regarded as a great way of increasing height while making up for the negative impacts of sitting for long periods. It will help in increasing the curvature of your upper back as well as the lower spine. This will further boost your height. 

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying on your yoga mat while keeping your shoulders flat over the ground. 

Stretch your arms on the sides. Make sure your palms are facing down.

Now, bend the knees while drawing the feet closer to your buttocks.

Arch the back in order to lift your pelvis.

Tuck your buttocks while letting your shoulders and legs support your body weight.

Stay in this position for a minimum of thirty seconds and then, repeat

The Pull Up Bar Workout

Using your hands to support your body and hanging does help in stretching out the muscles. Usually, people use a bar for hanging down. For using this exercise for increasing your height even more, throw in a couple of pull-ups. In case you don’t own a pull up bar, just use a strong tree branch. You must make sure that you have sturdy support and the bar is strong enough of taking your entire body weight

Here is how to do it:

Start by jumping up and hanging on to that bar.

Make sure your spine as well as arms are straight.

Stay in the same position for few second

You must repeat the same steps for a minimum of three times every day.

Single Leg Hopping

If you are looking for fun exercises for increasing your height, you are going to love this. This kind of workout has a big role in strengthening the abdominal muscles while promising a thorough exercise of the lower body.

Here is how to do it:

Start by hopping on the left legs for ten times.

Then, position the hands straight so that they point at the ceiling.

Similarly, do the same steps with the right leg.

The Puppy Pose

This is a great exercise for increasing your height as it flexes the leg muscles and the spine while making the bones grow longer.

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing on your yoga mat.

Now, position your body on all fours – knees and hands.

Line up the knees with the hips while you hands should line with the shoulders.

Now, tangle the toes and starting walking your hands a little forward for a couple of inches.

Now, start stretching the hips backward. They should go halfway to the feet so that you can feel a nice stretch in your lower body.

After holding the position for one minute, you must relax.

The Side Stretch

A good side stretch can not only make your muscles grow but will also elongate them. This exercise for increasing the height will stretch and strengthen your intercostals muscles. When you are doing this stretch, you must ensure that you feel your muscles pulling all along the side from the lower back right up to the shoulder. If you do this rightly and regularly, your height is going to boost up for sure.

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing straight with the feet together.

Now, clasp the hands together and stretch them over the head.

Bend the upper body towards the right.

Hold this stretch for at least twenty seconds before getting back to your starting position.

Repeat this stretch two times and then, switch sides for doing the stretch in your opposite direction.

The Low Lunge Arch

Bowing the upper body as well as the back will never fail to increase your height. Although our upper bodies are difficult to develop, a low lunch arch can help you stretch out and strengthen the back really well. This form of exercise will also aid in lengthening the shoulder bones and legs.

Here is how to do it:

Start by locking your palms with the fingers.

Now, stretch the arms to your front of the right leg.

Bend the right leg and start stretching out the left leg while doing the step  1.

Keep stretching as much as you can. Stay in that position for at least thirty seconds.

Repeat the same exercise on your other side.

The Cobra Stretch

If you do  the cobra stretch regularly, it will stretch the muscles of your shoulders, abdominals and chest and all strengthen the spine.

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying on your yoga mat with the face down.

Now, place the palms over the floor under the shoulders.

Start lifting your chin as you arch the spine for forming an elevated angle.

Let your back arch as much as possible.

Try to hold that position for a minimum of thirty seconds.

You can do five reps in the beginning. That will be a great start for the initial stage.


Jogging is a great form of exercise for growing your height. If you are desperately looking for ways to make the legs longer, jogging is the way to go. It will not only grow the leg bones naturally but also make them stronger. It works no less than magic for increasing the height. It works the best when practiced in or right after puberty.

Skipping and Jumping

If you find exercising very tough or cannot squeeze in some extra minutes working out, you can look for fun yet effective fitness goals. For starters, you can jump. Believe it or not, the more you will jump, the longer your legs will get. You can do it in a number of ways- skipping a rope, trampoline jumping, and so on. Every form of jumping will help you in acquiring the height you want.

Here is how to do it:

When you are jumping, make sure both you legs leave the floor at the exact same time. They should also land together on the floor at the exact time.

The Vertical Bends

Vertical bends help in expanding the muscles of your calf region in a vertical direction. This further helps in improving your height.

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing up and positioning the legs slightly apart.

Bend down and make an attempt of touching the ground without bending the knees

The Standing Stretch

The standing stretch is pretty similar to the vertical bend exercises. You can find it just a little different as you don’t have to stand with your legs apart. Instead, keep them joined. Follow this with the next step that is of bending and trying to touch the toes. Do not forget to keep the knees straight when you do this form of exercise.

The Side Bends

Side bends are wonderful for people who want to stretch and sculpt their waist muscles. They strengthen the side abs pretty well while also tightening the core. Not only that, doing the side bends regularly will also improve your posture while stimulating the height. For intensifying this form of exercise, you can put your dumbbells to good use.

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing vertically with the feet flat on the ground.

Now, bend the body sideways while stretching as much as you can.

Stay in that position for a minimum of thirty seconds.

Repeat the same steps with the other side of your body.


Swimming helps you to use your arms, body and legs to their optimum capacity. So, it works as a great exercise for developing your muscle strength. If you have access to a swimming pool you should do it as a part of your overall grow taller routine. You can read more about how swimming can make you taller.This is also great for the people who want to beat the heat and escape the sweat in your workout sessions. The best style of swimming for increasing your height is breaststroke. 

The Toe Lifts

Start by standing on your toes and keep your back straight. Now, stretch your muscles of the legs and reach up simultaneously. To get more support, you can also stand up against a wall while placing your hands high up to try to reach to the ceiling. The toe lift is an easy form of exercise which anyone can do. You don’t need any props for this. Toe lifts are among the best practices for people looking for ways to increase the height. It will also give you better results than a lot of other exercises.

Land Swimming

Have you ever thought of swimming out of a pool? If the idea surprises you then you should know that land swimming is usually referred to as dry land training. This exercise aims at increasing the height and improving the flexibility of your body muscles. For taking the exercise to the next level, you can do it by keeping a stability ball right under the stomach.

Here is how to do it:

Start by laying flat on the floor and lifting the legs one by one.

Now, stretch the hands on to the front while imitating the posture similar to what you’d do while swimming.

Keep the posture same apart from the fact that you are not in waters but on land.

Legs Up

Raising the legs up is a simple yet efficient form of exercise to boost your height. When you are doing this exercise, you will feel your body getting fully extended. It will put your legs through a strenuous and effective process of stretching which will make you notice an improvement or growth in your height after some time.

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying with your palms and face down.

Now, place the palms on the sides of the chest.

Raise your legs as high as you can but keep the feet straight together.

If needed, support the back with the hands.

Repeat the steps for around ten minutes and make each rep last for around 60 seconds.

Alternate Leg Kick

This form of exercise is one of the derivates of Tae Kwon Do- a Korean form of martial art which is characterized by the leg kicks. Even though the exercise is seen as a defensive move, you can use it for increasing your height. It will also help in extending the body muscles, especially of the legs.

Here is how to do it:

Stand straight on your yoga mat and make sure even your posture is straight.

Now, start stretching the body as much as you can and extend the right leg up.

Place your hands near the chest and clench your fists tight.

Now, start to kich the sky for nearly thirty seconds before repeating the steps with the left leg.

Wake Up Stretching

Stretching exercises are a great way of taking the muscles above their normal range. Also, they become all the more effective if you do them as a part of your morning routine right after waking up. Stretching in the morning helps in the free flow of the fluid inside your intervertebral discs of your spinal cord. When the discs get compresses, there is a shrinking in the spaces between the vertebrae. This does no good in growing you taller. When the discs expand, you start growing taller bit by bit. 

Here is how to do it:

Start by extending the arms over your head. Now, put in enough force and start stretching for feeling that elongation. 

Keep holding that stretch for at least thirty seconds before relaxing your body.

Pull again.

Now, lie down straight on the back. Start extending the legs and arms for reaching the sky.

Hold this pose for around 15 or 20 seconds and then, repeat.

Hip Bridge and Glutes

This form of exercise is great for improving flexibility in the back. When you do the bridge, your hip flexors get stretched. This helps to elongate the lower back as well as the back of your thighs.

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying flat on your back while extending the hands down for grabbing the ankles.

Now, lift your hips and knees for making the body parallel to the ground.

Finish this exercise by lifting the torso from the hips so that the back gets stretched out well. 

The Forward Spine Stretch

This form of exercise targets the abdominals, hamstrings and the back.

Here is how to do it:

Start by sitting up tall and keep your legs straight.

Now, start spreading the legs wider than the width of the hips.

After this, sit up straight as tall as possible from the base of the spine.

Start stretching the arms while reaching through the heels for engaging the leg muscles.

Hold such a position that your back arches into a C and gives an illusion of you scooping out the low belly.

The Cat Camel Back Stretch

When you want to grow taller and increase your height, you must never neglect strengthening your back The cat camel back stretch is ideal to add stiffness to the back.

Here is how to do it:

Start by resting on your knees and hands. Now, slowly arch the back so that the spine lumbar (lower), cervical (upper) as well as the thoracic (middle) extend together. Make sure you do this gently and slowly.

Stay in the same posture for a few seconds before repeating the stretch for a minimum of five to six stretches.

The Mermaid Stretch

This exercise primarily engages and stretches your shoulder as well as intercostals muscles. It is a great exercise for people looking for ways to correct their posture. Most of us have the weird habit of walking with our shoulders bowed down. You might not know the fact that improper postures can actually make you look way shorter than you actually are. Therefore, a mermaid stretch will help you in walking straight while looking taller.

Here is how to do it:

Start by sitting with the knees bent under on your left side.

Use your left hand for holding on to the ankles.

Now, start raising the right arms, extending as well as reaching over the head.

Feel a nice stretch along your right side of the torso. Stay in this positiong for a good twenty to thirty seconds.

Now, go on to repeat it over the other side too.


If you are still in your teens, you are probably at the perfect age to get into the habit of cycling. When you exercise right through your teenage years, it plays a major role in increasing your height. Believe it or not, it can actually make a crucial difference when it comes to growing taller. You probably already know that most of us get to the maximum height during the teenage years. Cycling is a brilliant form of exercise especially for teens as it stretches the legs while adding a couple of inches to their heights.

Jump Squats

As mentioned above, jumping exercises are amazing to increase your height. Jump squats are also a great way of growing taller. Jump squats aid in supporting the conditioning of your muscles as well as the joints of your lower body. It helps in improving the height of your body as well. 

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing in a normal position. Your body should be facing forward.

Now, lower your body into a squat. Do this by lowering the hips back as well as down as you bend the knees.

Start driving hard with the legs while coming up from that squat. You should initiate a jump.

The Cobra Stretch

You will be surprised to know that the cobra stretch is actually inspired by the cobra snake. This pose resembles a cobra snake when it spreads its neck while raising the head. This form of exercise is very well known for stretching the abs.

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying with the face-down on the ground. Make sure your palms press into the ground at the height of your shoulders.

Now, start lifting the head towards the ceiling and extend the arms for arching the back as much as you can.

Stay in this position for a minimum of thirty seconds before relaxing.

The Downward Facing Dog

This weird-named exercise resembles the pose of an upside down V, the alphabet. This exercise will help you to strengthen your entire back while elongating the back muscles.

Here is how to do it:

Start by standing up and bending your body in such a way that the hands are placed at the shoulders-width apart while the feet lay hid-width apart.

Now, start pushing the floor while engaging the upper body as well as your shoulders. At the same time, elongate your tailbone to the ceiling.

You will feel a gentle stretch in your spine, legs, arms as well as the shoulders.

The Bird Dog Exercise

The bird dog is regarded as a core exercise which lays its focus on the balance and strength of the lower back. This form of exercise will help you in experiencing a nice stretch from your head to the thighs while promoting your height.

Here is how to do it:

Start the position by getting into a push-up pose. Make sure your knees are on the floor.

Now, begin lifting a leg above the ground and extending it backwards.

Slowly, lift the opposite hand from the ground while extending the arm right in front of you.

Stay in this position for a good 5-10 seconds after which repeat the same steps on your other side.

The Inversion Table Exercise

This type of exercise aims to increase your height and make you taller by shifting the gravity of the body. This exercise will get you into an inverted body position which helps in easing as well as stretching your back muscles.

Here is how to do it:

Start by locking the feet on the base of your inversion table.

Now slowly lift your arms. Start rotating your whole body in an upside-down manner.

Hold this position for around 15 to 20 seconds then come back up.

Sun Salutations

Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is a very popular yoga exercise. It comprises of a total of twelve different yoga positions. Every position stretches the shoulders, legs as well as the back. Moreover, it also helps in increasing your height if you do it regularly and properly.

Side Planks

If you start practicing side planks, you will see a noticeable difference in your legs within a few days. It is amazing how toned and gorgeous it would make your legs look. Side planks are known for giving a nice stretch to the legs which make them grow taller and look slimmer.

Here is how to do it:

Start by lying down on the right with the shoulder straight below the neck. Now, start stretching out the legs straight while placing the left hand over your left hip.

Make sure you provide support to your abs when you raise your waist above the floor until you get into a level of the right hand.

Your body should now be diagonal to the ground while you hold the position for a good thirty seconds.

Increasing your height is all about increasing the spine flexibility, working on strengthening the spinal muscles, as well as stretching the leg muscles. When you do all this together in a right way and regularly, you will be successful in maintaining the optimal posture and effortlessly improving your height. Having said that, there is no over-night ways to get taller. Nothing worth having comes so easily. You need to work towards achieving your goals. Miracles take time to happen. Just stay focus and keep practicing the exercise for a couple of months to get noticeable results. All the best! Get into your workout shoes and start making that body better, stronger and of course, taller.

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