Can Swimming Make You Grow Taller

For those of us who are struggling to gain height while we still can, we do everything possible like doing the right exercises, yoga, eating a healthy diet and even taking supplements.

One reason why your mother wanted you to play a lot of sports during your childhood is that sports and various other exercises help in increasing the height. Almost every outdoor sport helps you to grow taller, but basketball and swimming have more benefits as compared to other sports.

Swimming if done with intensity can prove to be really beneficial for the growth of your body.

Even after a person has reached puberty, swimming can help in increasing the height. But along with swimming, balanced diet and proper rest is also required.

A swimmer will have a longer upper body length as compared to a person who is a non-swimmer, an example of Michael Phelps can be taken, he is one of the most famous swimmers of all time, and his upper body length is more than his lower body length.

When a person swims, almost every muscle of the body is used. Legs, Arms, Spine and Chest are given the most emphasis.

Moving in water is difficult as compared to moving in air. Hence body comes across a better workout as compared to other exercises. Legs and spine of the body are the most crucial for gaining height and since they receive a better workout because of swimming.

Another benefit of swimming compared to other exercises is that the body is floating in the water; hence the gravitational pull of Earth does not act as a barrier. Swimming helps in various ways.

First of all is that it helps in stretching both the spine as well as the legs of the swimmer. Swimming makes the body release more Human Growth Hormones and it even builds the muscles and strengthens the bones.

Swimming, just like any other exercise helps in inhalation of more oxygen as compared to when you are sitting idle. Fatigue leads to breathing in deeply which leads to intake of more oxygen. This extra oxygen helps in rebuilding our damaged cells.

There have been several arguments regarding which swimming stroke is best to help you grow taller. Some claim that breast stroke is the best stroke, as it involves stretching whole length of the body.

While others argue that butterfly stroke or backstroke might be the best stroke. As for the butterfly stroke, it focuses on the movement of the arms; the movement of the body maintains the flexibility of the body and the movement of the back in both the direction helps in stretching it properly at a constant rate.

The backstroke is helpful in improving the posture of the body because the head is to be kept afloat at all times.

Moreover, the movement of the hands behind the head and the curving of the back help in stretching of the spine hence are benefiting the torso.  Whereas, some believe that all strokes benefit the body in the same way as they help in the overall stretching of the body.

Swimming doesn’t require any special and expensive gears and is relatively easy exercise. One can swim at the local community pool or at the local lake and add up a few inches to the body.

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You have to keep this in mind that swimming could play a big role in your height gain routine but just swimming might not be able to give you desired results. You also need to have a proper balanced diet, good sleep , exposure to sun etc.

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  1. I am 19 and ill be 20 soon, How long do i have till my growth plates have stopped growing. Also if i am a swimmer and i stopped swimming will the height stay or will it shrink. I really need to know for research i would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

  2. “One can swim at the local community pool or at the local lake and add up a few inches to the body.”
    that is absolutely amazing and seems true as ll olympic swimmers are mostly over 6.2 or taller (men swimmers). it cant be just coincidental this height factor, but what exactly is it that causes this gain in height to be? are height gains permanent? and does swimming make your muscles bigger or smaller or just more toned?
    i would really appreciate a response

  3. I have been on the swimteam for four years and I haven’t grown an inch in two years. I’m 5’1 and we workout all summer. I also play basketball, this is my 3rd year with that. Why am I not growing?


  5. Will I grow torso or legs? I already have a long torso and shortish legs, and I want to grow my legs longer so I fit into more pants!!!!!

  6. I’m a professional finswimmer. I’m new but professional non the less. I’ve been only for 3 months but I haven’t gained height. I’m 13 years old turning 14 in June. I’ve been wondering why? My mom is pretty short 4’12 while dad is pretty tall. ~ 6ft. (Not sure if this is the right measurement I only know it metric for sure. 182cm) my brother is a finswimmer too and he grew about a foot after 6 months. I only grew an inch after 3 months.will the same thing happen to me as my brother? Or will I gain height slowly?

  7. Sir my height is 5’4 and I want to add 2-3 inch which is possible I think my age is 19 years and my mother is 5’1 and my father is 5’8 tell me what best can I do to increase at least 2 inches in one month whether I join swimming classes or do running or cycling plz tell me the right way I fell very ambarrased

  8. I’m just gonna say that I’ve been swimming for around 7 years, and I haven’t seen any significant changes in my height. Yes, and in those 7 years, they included my growth spurt peak ages (10-13). I’ve never seen any significant changes. Sure, I have gotten taller, but not to the point where I grew 4 inches in a year. Even during my “growth spurt peak,” I only grew barley an inch. Now, I am gonna say that this is most likely because of the inches my genetics can provide me with, but why didn’t I grow?

  9. hi thanks for the nice article. Its well known that swimming tends to decompress the body so it can lead to height gain but there are so swimming strokes. Can you tell me which is the best stroke that can help to grow tall


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