Can Gymnastics Stunt Your Growth?

Can Gymnastics Stunt Growth? Gymnastics and other sports like it for example tennis, swimming, ballet and figure skating demands the athletes to be specialized in their sport from a really young age. Younger children are practicing tough training programs so as to reach levels of elite and international competitions. Joseph Baker’s Study on Specialization of … Read more

Can Swimming Make You Grow Taller

For those of us who are struggling to gain height while we still can, we do everything possible like doing the right exercises, yoga, eating a healthy diet and even taking supplements. One reason why your mother wanted you to play a lot of sports during your childhood is that sports and various other exercises … Read more

Best Exercises to Gain Height in a Few Weeks

Height is predominantly a genetically determined characteristic.  Scientists state that, in fact, up to eighty percent of a person’s height is determined and set down in their genes itself! So how tall you’re gonna be is mostly about how tall your genes have decided you’re gonna be.  But that doesn’t mean you have to lose … Read more

Simple Stretching exercises to grow taller

Height is an effective attribute to a person’s body and taller people are loved by everyone. Short people blame their genes and fate for their height. But only 60% of the height is based on the genes, rest 40% depends entirely upon the environmental factors, nutrition and the amount of exercise & stretching. Stretching is really beneficial for the body as it stretches the body from head to toe and helps in the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which stimulates growth in the body.

Here are a few stretching exercises that will help you in increasing your height

The Pelvic Shift

Pelvic Shift is concerned with the lower part of the spine and the hips. It is a very effective exercise in increasing the height. Performing Pelvic Shift is not a difficult job. Here are the steps:

  1. Lie down straight on your back and rest your arms on the floor.
  2. Whilst bending your knees, bring your feet as close to the hips as possible.
  3. Align your back and force your hips upwards.
  4. This position has to be held for 20-30 seconds. Once held, come down slowly and repeat it.

Leg Kick/Waterless Swim

Here are the steps of performing the leg kick/ waterless swim:

  1. Lie down straight on your stomach and spread the legs and arms such that the palms touch the floor.
  2. Raise your right leg and the right arm at the same time. Both should be straightened. This position is to be held for twenty to thirty seconds.
  3. Once done, slowly bring your hand and the leg down. Now repeat the same pose with the left leg and arm. Stretch like this for about 30 minutes every day.

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Simple Yoga Poses to Help you Grow Taller

yoga exercise for well being

Yoga is a set of exercises that originated in Ancient India which benefits the body physically, mentally and spiritually. In the early 19th Century Yoga was introduced to the rest of the world and has grown rapidly ever since. In today’s world Yoga is a popular form of exercise. Yoga can be really beneficial if you want to increase your height as many of the Yoga postures help in stretching the body which in turn helps our body to release growth hormones.

A lot of people think that Yoga is the same as stretching but this is not true as stretching is represented by posturing and a few warm up exercises, whereas Yoga is much more. Yoga not involves stretching but also correct breathing techniques which when done correctly can help the body to release the growth hormones and this can lead ton in height. Moreover, unlike stretching, Yoga improves the posture of the body which really helps in the growth of the body.

While it is fairly easy to gain height during teenage years, it becomes more difficult as we grow older. If you are past your teenage years and still intend to grow taller, you would need to follow some special routine, exercise and diet  yoga should be a part of which. You can consider following the Growtaller4idiots program and combine that with the yoga postures given below. Focus on exercises that help to stretch your spine because this will help you gain height. Also patience and a good attitude are prerequisites for getting benefits from yoga.

Here are a few yoga postures when done properly will help you grow taller

1. Sukhasana:

Sukhasana is the easiest Yoga exercise. In Sukhasana you sit on a hard surface, cross legged and a straight back. The shins can be widened to make the sitting more comfortable, the outer edges of the feet can be rested on the floor. Once you are in the proper position, take in deep breaths and exhale slowly. If you meditate whilst doing this, it will put a positive attitude in the brain and will hence help you both physically and mentally.

yoga exercise for well being

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