Can Gymnastics Stunt Your Growth?

Can Gymnastics Stunt Growth? Gymnastics and other sports like it for example tennis, swimming, ballet and figure skating demands the athletes to be specialized in their sport from a really young age. Younger children are practicing tough training programs so as to reach levels of elite and international competitions. Joseph Baker’s Study on Specialization of … Read more

Can Swimming Make You Grow Taller

For those of us who are struggling to gain height while we still can, we do everything possible like doing the right exercises, yoga, eating a healthy diet and even taking supplements. One reason why your mother wanted you to play a lot of sports during your childhood is that sports and various other exercises … Read more

Can Playing Basketball Help You Grow Taller?

basketball game to gain height

A good height not only boosts the personality of a person but also the self-confidence. Ever wondered why the tallest boy in the class was chosen as the sports representative of your class instead of someone who is small and timid? Height is an important factor in every field of a person’s life. Short kids … Read more