Are Tall People More Successful?

Even though the average height of an American man is just 5’9” the average height of American President is 6 feet. Even though there should be no correlation between a president’s performance and his height, the fact is that we tend to vote for the person who is taller.

Similarly tall people have more chances of getting selected for some sports like basketball. Also they tend to perform better in similar sports where being tall offers a huge advantage.

Being tall gives you that additional self-confidence and motivation that can propel your career to greater heights.


Even though a lot of people might argue that there is no correlation between success and good height and this is all due to better self confidence which comes with height, studies have now come up which indicate that taller body structure helps an individual in many more ways than just giving him self confidence

Scientists have been performing their researches all around the globe regarding the various benefits your taller body frame can give you. The results indicate that your taller frame can actually guarantee you of a much more successful professional career.

Effects of being tall:tall man

  • Greater self confidence
  • Better recognition among peers
  • Better job opportunities.
  • Greater salary packages
  • Better and more fulfilling social presence.

People might argue that being tall can certainly not affect your pay packages and social presence, but the results of various researches have indicated towards the fact that all the above mentioned points are actually valid and are associated with your tall body frame.

A recent study which was conducted in 2004, related to the economic benefits of having a taller frame, the results of the conclusion of the research were interesting. Of the test questions being researched, one of the most important was, if height can affect your salary. The results are as follows:

  • The taller you are, the better you earn.
  • An average person with a body frame standing 6 feet tall or above earns around $1, 66,000 more than a person with a body frame of 5 feet 5 inches over a career span of 30 years.
  • The research conducted was gender controlled which means that the effects of height remain the same for both genders, male and female.
  • The research also indicated that taller people are more satisfied with their work and social life and get more recognition for their work.

Theories which support the above mentioned results:

  • Tall people were socially more active in their teens:

Most of your skill set that defines your success or failure in the professional life are acquired during the life before basketball teensprofessional life even begins. Having a successful career is a lot more than just getting a degree from a prestigious institution.

A successful career is based on your confidence and the way you can portray yourself in front of others. This necessary life skill is acquired by every individual during his early years of life. If you were tall as a teen you might have been more popular among your friends which helped you shape the way you talk to people.

A research was being conducted in the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan, about the effects of height on an individual’s career. The results said that you’re your height when you were a teenager affects your career more than your current height.

This is because of the fact that if you were tall as a teenager that means you were being conditioned to be socially more active in your teens, while if you grew in height at later stages in your life, you do get added benefits of life but will lag behind those who were tall in their teens.

For the above mentioned research, the data was acquired from the Britain’s National Child Development Survey (NCDS) and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth which was being conducted in the United States of America.

The analysis was done on over 4000 individuals on their various stages of life keeping in mind their height during those ages, say 16 years, 18 years and 23 years. They were also asked about their wages when they were in their 30’s. Estimates that scientists gathered were staggeringly accurate and their predictions all coming true.

The scientists believe that there are various reasons why a person who has been tall in his teens will be destined to earn more in the professional career. The fact that people who are tall in their teens are generally athletes, or take part in activities such as social clubs and have better dating history.

These are all important life skills that help you succeed in the professional career. Social adaptability is the most important life skill to succeed and these skills are developed in every individual if he is tall in his teens.

  • Tall people are smarter

A research was being conducted by the scientists of the Princeton University and the test question was, if being tall means an individual will be smarter than his lesser heighted peers. These tests were conducted on small children of three years as well as grownups.  The study on the children showed that taller children have better cognitive abilities.

tall man successful officeThere were 5000 kids of age 3 years in the test group and the taller male and female children showed better analytical skills than their short heighted friends. They had to point at different pictures, and taller kids were found to be much more efficient.

A reason to explain this phenomenon is the fact that greater height is a direct result of better secretion of Human Growth Hormone and thyroid hormone, both of which are also responsible for neural development. So better height results in better analytical skills thus making a person smarter.

This is also the reason that females who smoke are advised not to smoke during the pregnancy days as it can result in their baby’s showing stunted growth with lesser cognitive abilities, without denying the fact that other factors such as family environment too have an effect on the intelligence of a child.

Apart from the researches, it is also a general belief among people that a person who is tall will serve as a better leader. Hence all the kids with better height get selection in school teams and the tallest is generally the leader.

This applies even for professional life, and hence a taller frame can propel your career to greater success.



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