The Grow Taller Workout Review

The Grow Taller Workout Gave Me A Brand New Life!

It is no secret that a person’s height determines his or her attractiveness but what if one’s short height comes in the way of their life and career? Unbelievable, you must be thinking. Isn’t it? Well, that’s what I used to think too until I started suffering from it, first-hand. It is well known how certain professions have a minimum height limit but what people never talk about is, how one’s height affects one’s career growth, even in professions without any such limit. Even in the social or romantic front, height is again, one of the most important factors. Everyone knows that a taller person has a higher chance of getting a date or even being in a relationship than a shorter person. This is my story about how my life was falling apart only due to my height, the struggles I had to go through and finally, how I came out of it using my determination, perseverance and a life changing product.

My Life Before the Grow Taller Workout

My name is Martha Jones and I am 28 years old. I have always been on the shorter side. My parents are of an average height too so it was not extremely unusual for me to be a bit shorter than average. Ever since I was a teenager and my height made my life pretty difficult on an everyday basis. I was always in the front row of any group photograph. My first memory of feeling ashamed for my height was when I was assigned the role of a child in a school play, only because of my height. Even thought I was shortlisted for one of the lead characters after the auditions, I got a trivial role which did not even have much stage presence or any dialogue. Always pushed to the sidelines, it only got more difficult as I was growing up. High school was brutal as the other kids would call me all sorts of names, which primarily mocked my short stature. Nicknames changed but the only thing that stayed was a mockery of my height. Even in sports, I was never selected because I wasn’t tall enough. It did not change much in med school either. Someone thought that it would be funny to call me ‘Elf’ at my first Christmas party at college and that nickname stuck forever. Although my grades were never low, I was never happy. I would always wear heels to look taller even though I couldn’t wait to get out of those insanely painful shoes. It would hurt so much that at the end of the day when I took those off I could barely feel my feet. Every well-wisher recommended me to ditch my heels because of the long lasting harmful impact they have on the body but I never had the confidence to stop wearing them. I even started wearing certain kinds of clothes only, which gave an illusion of height. My entire life was being restricted by one and only one factor, my height. But I never thought that it would end up being such an alarming issue till I started working. Often patients would confuse me for a first year med student and would ask for a ‘senior’. I realized that my medical career wouldn’t progress much if my patients couldn’t rely on me because I was a few inches short. It was not only humiliating but it was also starting to damage my confidence. I was extremely scared that if I didn’t do something about my height it would probably ruin my career and life. But I was helpless because I always believed that height was genetic and couldn’t be increased after puberty.

The constant struggle and failure

I started running every day. Not only that, I also made huge changes to my diet and gradually started a strict regimen of working out. Between my work shifts I would stretch my limbs in the faint hope that somehow it will help me grow taller. But deep down, owing to my training in the medical profession I knew that these things would have helped if only I was in my growing years. I was getting frustrated because I had virtually given up on all the fun and yet there was no change. I was definitely much healthier than before. I had achieved my ideal weight but did not really grow taller at all. Meanwhile my work was being severely affected by my low confidence. I had to shift to treating only children because it was becoming increasingly difficult convincing people that I am old enough to treat them. I was so depressed at a point that I was almost about to give up my dream of specializing in cardiology. It is when I met someone who changed my life forever.

The Lucky Encounter that Changed my Life

One lucky day, I bumped into an old friend from middle school and I could barely recognize him now as he was not only taller but also so much smarter and more confident than he was back in school. Little did I know that the chance meeting would change my life forever! We got to talking and I confided how my life was falling apart due to my height. It is then he shared with me, the secret which changed his life, the Grow Taller Workout Program. He told me that before this program, he too was in the same place as I am now and how insecure he was. His relationships would never work out and even his career was in a standstill. Finally when he came across this program, he not only gained height but also a brand new confidence, success and so much more. After this program, now he is the head of his team at work and is finally engaged to the love of his life. Inspired by his success story and partly fueled by my desperation, I decided to give it a try too. I went to the website as suggested and booked my own copy. They even had a money back guarantee if I did not gain height in sixty days. Although I was pretty skeptical if anything would ever help me, but I decided to give it a try anyway. After all I had nothing to lose! I went through the testimonials and the list of celebrities who benefited from this program and I started this regimen with an open mind and immense positivity.

How The Program Which Gave Me A New Life Works

The Grow Taller Workout DVD consists of an extensive, scientifically designed regimen, aimed at helping a person grow taller. What struck me immediately was how objective and extremely positive this programme was. It made no false promises and explained everything scientifically and yet clearly enough for any layman to grasp the concept. It has a series of workout routines, which can be combined with one’s regular stretching or practised separately as well. These workouts range from cardio to circuit training or weight training and are designed to stimulate the Growth Hormone which is responsible for causing a person to grow in height. These exercises have been designed by qualified trainers and are demonstrated step by step so that one can easily follow. It also gives out a comprehensive and detailed diet plan which includes a list of food that should be consumed and explains how the combination of certain food items boosts the growth. All it takes is forty-five minutes to an hour every day to push the limits and finally achieve a better height. Every human being has the potential of pushing their body to achieve a few more inches even after they have reached their apparent maximum growth potential. I followed the regimen religiously and the results started to show within a week. I was super excited and couldn’t believe that my woes are finally coming to an end. This workout program keeps up its promise of giving you a few extra inches that you never thought was possible.

The Grow Taller Workout program has finally given me taller and slender legs. Not only has it given me a desirable height, it has also increased my metabolism, overall agility and helped me improve my posture and balance. Now I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been and have gained brand new confidence. Today, I am the resident cardiologist at a well-known hospital and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the life changing experience. I am thankful to the Grow Taller Workout Program for giving me the confidence to live my life again.