Vert Shock Review – Is This For Real?

This is an in depth review of the very popular training program which will increase the height of your vertical jump. If you are already aware of the program and are looking for the official website click here or else keep reading

Basket ball as a competitive sport is very popular across the states. In basketball the general norm is that tall players have a benefit and hence most people playing basketball are generally tall. It allows for them to take longer steps as they run to cover the length of the court fast, it allows them to jump higher to make a dunk or even to take rebounds and make a counter play.  Also people who are not the tallest can still jump height than the taller ones if they practice and learn the correct way to jump and how to increase their vertical jump height. At the very beginning of the game the person from either team who jump the highest is sent to center court for the first play and the person to jump higher gets the ball and his team gets the first play. Many basketball players who can not jump high enough have probably never dunked a basketball and not having experienced that thrill and rush of adrenaline gets them down.

What is the Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is an excedingly popular although relatively new training programs designed to increase your vertical jump height through exercises and a very specific work out regime.

This program is created by Adam Folker, who is a Pro Basketball player along with Justin Jus Fly Dalington who is one of the highest and most decorated dunkers.

The program is based on highly intense and advanced pylometrics practiced in a very unique way to maximize the neurological response of a certain muscle group

known as the Type – II b muscle also known as the fast twitch muscle group. The aim is to stimulate this specific muscle group to make it react and fire faster and play a bigger role in the process of jumping  and there by after practice result in increasing your vertical jump.

About the creators of the Vert Shock Program:

The Vert Shock program is created by two people.

Adam Folker :

Adam Folker is a Canadian national who is the creator of the Vert Shock Program. He was selected as one of the top five high school players of Canada. Soon after that he played Division – 1 basketball in the NCAA for UC Irvine and currently he is playing Pro basketball over seas.

Adam confessed that even he in his earlier days could not jump high enough to dunk. Soon after he started playing Centre court for UC Irvine and also practised with NBA players he came up with the Folker Program to help others like him train and gain the satisfaction of dunking by increasing their vertical jump height.

Justin “Jus Fly” Dalington:

Justin Darlington also popularly known as “Jus Fly” is a famous dunker. Justin’s vertical is 53 inches and with this insane vertical jump height he gained name for himself by winning someof the biggest dunking contests like the Nike Dunk Contest with Lebron and Anthony Davis.

Justin is so good that some of the NBA teams have called him on board to come and train their athelets to increase their vertical jump height. He trained DeMar DeRozan for his dunk contest. He is a master of the jump and shares his knowledge and experience through the program

Some prominent features of the Vert Shock Program are:

The Vert Shock program is a highly intensive workout targeting your you nervous system, especially a particular type of nerve in your leg. The type II muscle fiber is also called the fast twitch muscle and decides how fast your muscles respond.

The idea behind the program is to help your muscles respond faster and the faster they respond the more power they generate and the higher your jump is.

The Vert Shock program is an eight week training program which is bifurcated into 3 phases. The three phases are : Pre – Shock phase, Shock Phase and Post – Shock phase.

Pre – Shock Phase :

The Pre-Shock Phase is a week long phase that is aimed at getting your body ready for the next 7 weeks of the program. The pre-shock phase has you working out six out of seven days. The first two days are focused on jumping and other exercises targeted at your legs and on the third day you can let your legs rest because the workout is focusing on upper-body and core strength and then the fourth day is an off after which you repeat the first three days.

This workout is not very strenous like the other workouts suggested on websites as it doesnt involved endless reps and rotations and also doesnt make you drop from exhaustion. This work out is on the point and targets very specifically what muscles it needs to get warmed up for the shocking phase.

Shock Phase :

It is in this phase where the real shocking starts. A very specific work-out regime is meant to be followed to stimulate the nerves in your legs to get them to fire at a faster rate and generate tremendous energy to help you leap further into the air. The Shocking phase is a seven week long phase and it  may seem easy at first but in the later weeks it becomes really hard as the work out wears your muscles but it is only after wear nad tear that your muscles regenerate and become stronger and hence the effect of the work-out can be seen by the end of this face and you will have increased your vertical but a decent margin.

Post – Shock Phase :

The Post – Shock phase is a week long phase. It is the last week of the program. This focus of this week is to get your legs to get habituated to this new jumping potential and to make sure that it retains these new found powers and what you must do to maintain the same. The last week is not very strenous which is good considering the past six weeks have been very tiring.


– No weight lifting, no equipment required hence no gym usage fees.

– Most of the exercises are based on body weight and pylometrics, both of which help increase your vertical jumping height.

– Does not take up too muhc time of your day and especially because you can do this at your home and there is no need to go to a gym the duration of the commute is also salvaged.

– The program targets your type II muscle fibres to help increase your vertical jump height.

– Safe for teenagers, in sense that it wont hinder their height growth.

– The instructions are very easy to understand and implement.

– Also tells you how to protect your self from injuries for once you start jumping high.

– You can open this ebook from anywhere on any of your devices.

– Provides on going support and Adam himself answers your doubts and queries.


– The book can only be purchased online and there is no hard copy available.

– It becomes a little hard to keep up with the work-outs towards the end of the shocking phase, as the legs becomes very tired.

– If you are above 30 and not in shape then this work out is not for you and may end up causing more harm than good.

Why you must purchase and follow the Vert Shock Program?

If you have always wanted to increase your vertical jump and have tried many products and programs in the past without any results then the Vert Shock program is the solution to your problems. It has a very unique strategy formulates by two genius minds. Adam Folker who is a Pro basketball player and Justin Dalington who is a famous dunker have come up with this program and have been helping many achieve their dream of jumping higher and dunking.

Here is a short list of thing you can expect from the program and why you must purchase it:

– You will get more rebounds

– You will score more easily under the rim

– You can jump higher and block more shots.

– You become faster on the court and can make more quicker and more effective plays and counterplays.

– You will also work on your core strength, which will help increase your stamina.

– Your muscles become more stronger and flexible andhence less prone to getting injured.

Last but not the least the program will help you not only achieve your dream on dunking but also allow you to make those fancy dunks you have always wanted to try.