Vitamins That Can Help You Grow Taller

It’s no secret that everyone whether a boy or a girl hopes to be able to attain their desirable height before they turn 18. However, not everyone is lucky enough to see the realization of this dream. Being short wouldn’t mean that your world will come to an end but you will definitely pay the price of it at several points in your life.

Tall is synonymous will attractive for both boys and girls everywhere around the globe. So while you have a chance, you should do everything in your capability to attain that height that you have always dreamt of.

As per the latest medical research, a proper dosage of vitamin intake on a daily basis could help a person grow taller in a short span of time. Our stressful life doesn’t allow us to take care of our health and consume food properly, and this further prevents our growth. It is of utmost importance that that we must consume some of the essential Vitamin, Minerals and other substances on a regular basis to stay hale and hearty.

Although, height is something that is often associated with the genes of the parents and heredity, but you can still get a boost in your height by consuming proper level of vitamins, minerals and other substances. Over the last few years, Medical experts have declared that there is a vital connection between an intake of vitamins and tallness. In fact, Vitamins and others minerals could prove to be a magic remedy in this regard. Nowadays, a lot of people have started taking these vitamins frequently to stay in proper size and shape.

The top 5 Vitamins to grow tall

  • Calcium: It is one of the most important substances in a human body. Whether a person is young or old, Calcium is still necessary. For an adult person over 18 years, at least 1000 mg Calcium is important. It gives strengths to the bones and makes them stronger. To get a good height and longevity, it is essential that proper amount of calcium is present in your daily lunch and breakfast. Some of the richest sources of calcium are dairy products, broccoli, fruit juices, fish, etc.
  • Vitamin D: It is no secret that height of a person is largely depending upon the strength of his bones. This Vitamin absorbs the amount of calcium and phosphorous which are the two of the most important substances for human growth and thus ensuring proper tallness. Sunlight is considered to be the richest source of vitamin D. However, you can include cauliflower, tomatoes and potatoes in your regular diet to obtain it directly from the food.
  • Vitamin A: It helps in multiplying the growth of essential tissues inside the human body. It is vital for every person to make sure that the proper level of Vitamin A is going inside his body every day. Poultry and milk products contain a lot of vitamin A that help the proper growth of a human body.
  • Vitamin B Complex: We often hear that fruits and green vegetables are the best for health, but we never try to find out why is it so? The fact of the matter is that green leafy vegetables and fruits have lots of vitamin B complex substances. It boosts the digestive process, increases appetite and revitalizes our energy.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is the most essential one. It not only helps in making you stronger both physically and internally, but also builds a protective layer inside your body to keep you healthy, fit and fine. Lemon and Orange are considered to be the richest source of vitamin c. It fights against the harmful bacteria and germs that could invade your body anytime. Another important function of Vitamin C is to ensure smooth flow of blood circulation inside our veins.

There is definitely no need to worry if you start ensuring daily intake of these vitamins. Unless you stay physically fit, you can’t enjoy your life. Moreover, these vitamins also help you in growing tall. Regular exercise is also a good habit to stay physically active and accelerate the process of our growth.

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